Take Care of your eyes

Take Care of your eyes

Not a surprise that we all have eyes on our face, but surprisingly we forget to take care of them. I am not talking about around eye areas! The main topic is "EYES" ! and eye "BALLS" and everything belongs that part. Many of us have been prescribed glasses to read, drive, watching and as are glued to our computers. I have not been that good girl who wears the glasses when it is necessary as I mentioned!  It means many three years of glasses off days! Not cool! Thanks "Scandal Show" which reminded me that I have such a long painful headaches after watching five episodes back to back without friendly lenses on! 
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New Glasses
 Last week I got my new ones.

take care of your eyes by www.tobelikealady.com

Having proper sheets to clean them is crucial because working and watching with dirty foggy glasses give your eyes more pressure and pain. 

If you have a computer based job consulate talk to your doctor to prescribe the best eye drops out there for you. Eye drops help with preventing your eyes getting dry! Computers, phones, Televisions' Rays make your eyes dry and It is not a good new for your sight health!

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Manicure knowledge # No Chipped Nails

Manicure knowledge # No Chipped Nails

Top coats means your manicure savors, nail protectors from chipping and destroying your beloved home manicure or luxury salon operation. There are so many department stores brand with holy nail color formulas which you don't need to be nervous about the color care! But you are not always the one who can pay those prices! Thus, choose a nice top coat to preserve your nail polish!

Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat nail polish protection,  No Chip! Smart title on the bottle. It attracted me in a second and the second seconds I was there with my cash to pay and take it home. I did and tried that! Predicted job was done by Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat.

Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat Nail polish protection,  I do celebrate more shines, they make your hands more beautiful. This product adds a nice radiance on the surface of your nails in the same time.

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Steps to a Party

Steps to a Party

Planning is the basement of any ceremony, party, reunion etc. About two weeks ago I celebrate my first blog's birthday with a few of my friends in my apartment. It was a small reunion but celebration like! I could handle that with a limited budget and hands!

Make Your Guest List:
I made a guest list of course. I decided to have those who I feel relaxed with in friendship! This criteria is crucial to me for having a party at home! Because It decreases the Hosting Pressure Level.

Send The Invitation:
 I decided to take advantage of Facebook Event! I send the invitation to those who are in my friend list and I wanted to invited. Those who were not in my Facebook friend list were noticed by Email, text message and phone call for final confirmation.

Foodies & Goodies:
After the last list of Coming Guests, I knew how much foodies and goodies I need. I mean the Glasses, Plates, Sweets, cup cakes, snacks...

Music and Entertainment:
Prepare a playlist. Remember what type of atmosphere you want in your party. If you like to have a dance session so go with R&B, Hip& Hop or those other which encourage people to move. In case you are planning a relaxed, chilled bar type of reunion so soft music would be your fellow.

Put Yourself Together:
 Make up, dress and a pair of high heels

Side Note: "If you are wondering why there is a pile of cosmetic products there, I have to tell you my blog is you see is beauty fashion related; So i demonstrate my make up skills on one of my guests and explained the essential info about each part."
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Manicure knowledge #underneath

Manicure knowledge #underneath

Everything starts from depth. Your home! Your body and your Nail Health either.
The choices are endless to pick one lucky product and pay the money. What makes your purchase pleasing is the benefits it gives you. I got the wisdom of choosing a proper base coat by experience not following the colorful advertisements. There are a long list of reasons that you should apply a base coat underneath your nail color.

 1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hardener Soin Durcissant : Having nail colors continuously all around the year is strange but almost all girls I know do that. So we need to assist the nail organ to stay strong and not to break. Nothing is worse than a broken nail. In addition the down side of it in your whole manicure, it rips  your expensive dress too!

 3. Sally Hansen Thicken Up, strengthening Nail thickener, action fortifiante : A cause of constantly nail breaking is lack of enough thickness. I have used this base coat thousand times and it does help most of the times.

2. Sally Hansen Triple Strong nail Fortifier : A rich creamy formula as a base coat will add more strength to your manicure; It also prevents your nails to turn the actual color into nasty yellowish, that I am sue all of us know how annoying it is. On the back of the products has said to apply two coats but I do only one.

4. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment  If you are working hard to grow your nails quicker, plus your vitamins and rich in zinc and biotin diet; have this tiny bottle as well. You can read my post about the beauty vitamins here .

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Three trusted make up Bags for Every Occasions

Three trusted make up Bags for Every Occasions

The firs makeup bag which I adore that is the Lip print one. Not only the big red lips is the more suitable symbol for a make up, it is also giant. It doesn't show how big it it. But it suits a whole two days travel make up tools. It can fit many items because it has a wide bottom. It opens by a long zipper a strong handle on top.

Lovely pink with golden zipper, O have talked about the things I keep in if I am a long day out which you can see that here. It has a flat cut. Not wide like the previous one, so it fits less items. Only four to five things. But as it is flat is the perfect size and cut for carrying arounf in your purse.

Having a long trip and I need to have extra things to keep in my carry on for long flights or exhausting hours in air port or organized the flying items in my suitcase.
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PALLADIO Eyebrow Fixing Pencil

PALLADIO Eyebrow Fixing Pencil

If you need a hand to brush and set your brow; to prevent the misshaping during the day, you need this. The wax pencil with sticky function and clearly adding a hint of natural color. It just exaggerate your brow color by keeping all tiny hair together. Both are the same in two different presentation. The ticker one is perfect for thick brows and the other is certainly necessary for its brush; You must have been there thousand times that the random brushed which come with the products don't have a good quality, however this brush does the job.

PALLADIO brow fix pencil clear PBF02

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Dark Nail Colors For Winter

Dark Nail Colors For Winter

A raspberry nail color  with dark red undertone. In the photo it seems lighter than what it really is. No shimmer in it. This nail polish is perfection for the time it lasts and the color is the ultimate classic range for winter that never gets out of fashion. And why not showing of your hands' skin beauty with a darker color?
Sally Hansen is my absolute favorite brand in drugstore because of its quality. As I said, there is no shimmer in it but it is shinny and lovely even without the top coat. This color is very similar to the next nail color I am going to tell you about. They are freaking similar. It was very hard to distinguish them; I was totally confused which photo is which of them.

2. Marylin Vitamin A -E and Calcium No. 54
This brand seems strange and it really is. It is a brand from Venezuela with a cheap  price tag and medium level of quality. The color is dark raspberry color with extremely dark violet shine.  

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Revlon Super Lustrous & Revlon Color Burst

Revlon Super Lustrous & Revlon Color Burst

I am still looking for a nice drugstore lipstick. Especially in hunt for nude colors. It is my battle that am not happy enough with most of the drugstore nude ranges; mainly because of the pigmentation. I have dry lips and this reason makes me to be picky about that.  

As You see I tried to make these two together and the result was farther than my expectation. Non of these suits me properly as I apply them alone. (I use to apply so many other lip glosses when I am on the go). Nevertheless, the combination of these two is perfect for my lips' condition. It becomes a hydrating shiny nude mix.

REVLON COLOR BURST LIP BUTTER 095 Creme Brulee is a sheer lipstick, as you see is a lip butter actually.

REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS Lip Gloss 205 Snow Pink Rose neige.  It is sticky (that's why I don't like to apply that alone).
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What Do You Expect From a Body Lotion?

What Do You Expect From a Body Lotion?

what do you expect from a body lotion by www.tobelikealady.com

Have you ever walked away a stranger and smiled him/her while been asking yourself what the perfume could be? I always ask that person what is his/her perfume is because I can't get rid of purchasing temptation and if I feel lost in the direction... LALA I get crazy!

I am a big fan of nice beautiful scents. It is not enough to not smell horrible, in my opinion everyone must smell beautifully. As times pass by, having more affordable choices, is getting easier. I ask myself how the girls were doing before Soap and Glory, Body Shop, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works... These days on budget perfumes are everywhere. But you know which object in this world has more priority than perfume to me? Body Lotions! I worship the Body Lotions and  here you are my reasons:

a. Most of them have a mix of oil bases so it sticks on your skin's surface then makes your perfume long lasting.

b. It gives you you instant skin hydration which means a lot to me.

c. The scented body lotions are lifesavers for summer days, for days indoor and long hours of working and meeting

D. I am an aroma addict! Clear?

 Love Is Heavenly by Victoria Secret Body Lotion This is all in one. It is super hydrating, smells heavenly (honestly) and a kind fellow for the same scented perfumes.

Secret Wonderland Body Lotion with vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea butter Signature Collection by Bath and Body Works It will become your all time signature as it claims. So you must decide before choosing that. I adore this body lotion. The only complain is less expected hydrating power.

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What I Use Most In My Beauty Post's Photos

What I Use Most In My Beauty Post's Photos

This guide line is actually the second recommendation post, you can look the first one here. What you are going to read on the current post is more intense than the first one.

The first thing you notice by starting the beauty posts is how to capture the best photo of the products you want to talk about. In other hand the visual satisfaction is the a very crucial element to keep your viewers attracted and gaining your milestones with increasing numbers of subscribers and followers. The objects that get involve most in my pictures:

1. Photo Magazines as background.
It might seem so simple but you can create very nice photos out of them. Search on the magazines and keep watching for a related theme, opposite colors, sexy legs, pieces which come funny in combination etc. I'll show you some of the magazine pages I have used and the outcome have been beyond. This photo is from my May Fav 2014  .

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Review

This one from here.

Must have in your bag by www.tobelikealady.com

For more photos in this range click here .

Fun Jewelry by www.tobelikealady.com

2. Nature:
Flowers are a safe lovely choice to be in your background. Everyone loves to see colorful, well organized flowers; Photos from different angles.

Estee Lauder Eye shadow Palette by www.tobelikealady.com
Estee Lauder Eye shadow palette 

If you have a small garden or a plant around your apartment it is perfect. Rock that! Having the you plant's leaves in the side of your photo, laying doen your beauty products on the grass, present a natural friendly atmosphere to your pictures; These are from this post


3. Dishes!
I swear it is not that awkward which sounds! I bought few plates, cups... in a second hand store! I have used them in many ways and in several photos. I love the antique touches on the photos.
Check that here

5. Your open window!
I love the reality shows more than the directed, scripted shows. Why? Because the joy of wild unplanned situations is incredible. Therefore, open you window grab the products and let your viewers get involve into your neighborhood. That's fresh, real and vivid. More Photos of this post.

6. Shells
I hardly know anyone who hates the sea! Everyone smiles by looking at the actual fantastic sea shells. I collected these travel to travel! I mentioned the source above.

7. Car Marquette
These are my husband's loves. Seek the corners, you will find the cute similar stuff.
Would like to see more? Click here  .

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Hot or Not? Two Liquid Eyeliner failures

Hot or Not? Two Liquid Eyeliner failures

First of all, Excuse me for the pictures. the containers seem so gross! Because it's been a while I was testing these  two products to figure out the pros and cons! And as I am an eyeliner addict so I reach these every day.

The best thing about this eyeliner is, it gives you the chance to line the exact shape you need. No fail! In contrast, the quality of applicator was not what I had expected from M.A.C and the amount of money I paid. Let me clear that; The nib is a cotton pointed material which softens and gets separated easily. It dries quickly as well. I used to paint the shape I wanted and the would make it bold and black by the below mentioned one.

A real rich black and I have painted various winged shaped lines with, means I could take the advantages of that against the down side of it; After a while the liquid material tends to firm. Not into a solid but more firmed than a liquid! That's so annoying and weird. 

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Two Samples you need in your routine from CLARINS PARIS

Two Samples you need in your routine from CLARINS PARIS

Clarins Paris Multi Active Day Early Wrinkle correcting lotion SPF 15
It says Multi-Active but the amount of cream is not enough to test that for a sufficient period of time and get that Multi-Active effect. So I can't report the final idea about it. However, the lotion type of consistency helps to absorb quickly. It is amazingly hydrating and my skin feels a bit like after applying the lifting sort of creams. It smells amazing similar to the other CLARINS products.

Clarins Paris Gentle Foaming Cleanser with cottonseed Normal or Combination skin
If you have read some of my skincare related posts you know my skin is combination of oily zone and dry patches. So having a face cleanser for Normal skin is not fair! Yeah, I looked at the combination at the end and tried that four times. It is amazing. the texture is so soft; what has mentioned as "Cottonseed" I saw and felt those. It is like a wet chopped silk which you have the chance to clean your face with. I love that!

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Two Essential Vitamins for Skincare

Two Essential Vitamins for Skincare

The night creams are essential to help skin to repair itself. Having sunscreen on is crucial to prevent the sun damages. Moisturizers are friendly approaches producing more collagen underneath. All these ways are on top; What if we tend to have profound feeding? The answer is clear and easy; By having a rich diet in vitamins, less sugar and salt and more thousand recommendations.

two essential vitamin in skincare by www.tobelikealady.com

 Here I want to share with you an efficient and tested procedures I swear on. The Dietary Supplements (thanks nutrition science) are one the most secure ways to make sure you have taken your daily dose. However sometimes person to person the absorption matter may happen but it is been a trusty route my skin is rewarded by.
two essential vitamin in skincare by www.tobelikealady.com

Vitamin C
 Is a magic ingredients you can find it in so many skincare creams and beauty supplements. After taking Vitamin C in a three months period of time your skin will be experiencing major improvements. We all know life gets busy and missing the right nutrition, so please make sure you take your daily dose of Vitamin C. I am not encouraging you to forget the importance of actual rich sources, I try to tell you taking the supplements can be your food assistance in hectic restless occasions. The Brand I take from is GNC . As you see it is GNC Chewable C 500 with citrus bioflavonoids, It contains 90 Vegetarian tablets  . Let's see two very important  benefits of Vitamin C for your skin:

1.supports producing healthy collagen and accordingly helps with skin's elasticity.
2.Neutralize the free radicals which has amazing anti-aging effects.

 Is essential to breakdown the fatty-acids, and fatty acids are amazingly effective on your skin, hair and nail health and beauty. I have seen how it is especial on my skincare routine. If you are interested in reading more about that check the here which is website as biotin.com and there are all details about this Vitamin. If you need a source with more scientific feature to rely on check out the University of Maryland Medical Center . My Biotin tablet is GNC Biotin 300 mcg Dietary Supplement 100 Vegetarian tablet. 

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Four Acne Solution Products

Four Acne Solution Products

Everyone has specific needs in skincare universe. And it may take a long time to find your skincare components. If you have read my skincare posts you know that I am in trouble with hormonal acne and attempt to minimizing the pores. I have had oily skin and after the under-active thyroid things, my skin's got dry patches in addition. Dry patches made everything more difficult to take care of. These are my acne prevention and solution products:

1. CLINIQUE Rinse off foaming cleanser mouse hydro-demaquillante 150 ml
First thing first, is removing all dirt, oils and make up with this foam. Only a tiny amount of that is enough for whole face and neck. If the oil which happens on your T zone or you tend to wear heavy foundation, contouring,.. it can be one of the best cleansers out there.

2. CLINIQUE clarifying lotion 2; Dry combination skin 400ml
The biggest positive point I give to this product is the giant bottle that naturally contains a remarkable amount of product in it. It is three months now that I have this and use it in my skincare routine. Yes, It has been lasted three months.
After cleaning your face with a cotton pad and this amazing liquid, just look at your cotton pad; You will see the unbelievable dirt and pollution! I feel so clean and blessed!

3. CLINIQUE anti-blemishes solutions clinical clearing gel, gel action 15ml
The most rapid working gel and formula I have tried! The magic for removing my acne in two up to three nights and mornings and Done! It is supposed to apply on the acne only but i rub that all over my face and neck. Because every inch of that is acne prone area. It is my Absolute LOVE.

4.CLINIQUE pore refining solution stay-matte hydrator Dry combination to oily skin 50 ml.
When it says pore refining solution, it works honestly! It does the job. It make the T zone Matte immediately and you really feel the minimizing the pores. I use it for T zone only. Sometimes I feel dry afterward so I add a richer cream on top.

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Mini Dress Styling Benefits

Mini Dress Styling Benefits

Another Mini dress. Why do I love the mini dress? All about styling benefits; what? Yeas, go down and read its own positive angles:

1. It helps with showing your legs taller.

2. The mini dress is a versatile choice for all seasons. By adding a trench coat or a blazer in winter and a pair of sandals in summer.

3. When you are in rush.
 Have you been there? Late in the morning, exclusive meeting, reunion, breakfast invitation? So grab a mini dress! The reason is to get rid of matching and styling four pieces together. As you see just a hand made scarf or a long necklace. You are almost done with the accessorizing. you are free to spend the ten minutes get ready with makeup and hair.

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