Toner, Horrible Toner!

Toner, Horrible Toner!

As you know, I am a big fan of toners, and I have experienced so many different brands to find out the best for my skin. Toners can cleanse your skin smoothly. Remember that your beauty and developing the health skin starts by "Clean Skins".
I normally, invest more on skin care products and really I look at it as an investment. But sometimes I wonder if the manufactures and Labs have thought about the formula and the quality of their products. Although I know that different budget requires distinct goodies.

Oh my god, this text is going to be long! All in all, this product is the most disappointing toner i have ever used entire my junkie beauty life. You have no idea how much it sucks. It is nothing, no cleansing! no fresh skin afterward, no specific effect. For a toner these sentences means death! I am so sorry for the money I spent. it is a drugstore brand moreover it is the first and last one I tried of it. I wouldn't purchased any other option from "Cera di Cupra".
Cera di cupra is an Italian brand as you know.
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Eye gel review by Vivo Skin Yeux BIOTHERM!

Eye gel review by Vivo Skin Yeux BIOTHERM!

I took this photo about five month ago when I bought it. It is called Biotherma Skin vivo Yeux ani aging eye gel; I prefer to report my review after a complete experiment. And now is the time.

Biotherm was an unknown brand to me which I would like to to explore, so I purchased two products. One of them is Vivo skin That I mentioned it before in my temporary dry skin treatment and the Eye gel. As I have experienced many eye creams I mean my highest priority to buy skincare products is EYE! Although  never have used such this kind of consistency; It is like a gel cream. It is not runny and not thick as well. It easily blends on eye area and absorbs fast. I have use it at night also in the morning after cleansing my skin (at that moment my skin was oily) so I could give back enough moisture to my eye area. Even in the morning when I wake up I can feel the hydration there.
I love the gel eye cream by this elegant skinny guy. It think it is a level lower than eye serum. Try a Gel and let me know about your favorite one :) .
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Bioderma Lip Balm

Bioderma Lip Balm

What do you do with chapped dry lips? It is a long old experience for my lips so I have learned how to deal with.

First of all, at night before sleep I apply my lip balm.
In case of flight, I take mine in my essential beauty products bag with me.
Days I stay at home, I continue my morning routine with lip balm.

These small cheap products are real friends to present you a perfect status of lips. So Don't forget yours in daily skincare routine. Lip balms are generally the less experience part of each skincare brand. So investing on a good one can save your lips and in the same time you will enjoy the softness and smoothness. Nevertheless, I have tried the drugstore ones and mostly was happy with them. My current lip balm is By Bioderma, Atoderm Levres, Restorative Lip Balm; I fell in love with first try. The consistency is a clear to yellow cream. It is hydrating but not greasy.The applicator on top with a tiny hole to give the material out, bring small enough amount and saves you the rest of it. What is your current Lip Balm?
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When OILY skin turns into a DESERT

When OILY skin turns into a DESERT

If you have an oily sensitive skin for years, it may be interesting to know when everything turns into a completely different situation. Couple of last weeks, my skin has experienced its most dry days. The facts are surprising and the reasons are obvious. I was diagnosed with under-active hypothyroidism in winter and I can clearly remember that my doctor asked me some basic questions in the first visit. one of them was related to my skin and hair status. He asked me if I have noticed dehydration? No, I said.
Because I thought my skin type is still oily while in winter I use to apply a tone of moisturizing on whole my body and hair thus there was no sign to approve it. However he disagreed with me and after a second touching my stomach to examine my colon status, told me: Hey girl, your body is so dry and dull, how do you say no?
Oil Complex Elixir Ultimate By Kerstase

Day Hand and Face Moisturizing 

Biotherm Vivo Skin, Night cream

Ultra Rich Eye cream by Loccitane
All the mentioned dialogue couldn't stop me to change my mind, since the extremely dehydration on my legs and face warned me to check out the side effect of under-active thyroid. And it is the case!
Meanwhile, I am waiting to see my doctor in order to introduce me to a dermatologist in Caracas (Where I live), I have started to use rich moisturizing creams and lotions. My options are not so vast or expensive, I just do my best:

message my whole body by olive oil before shower
I apply my new Happy Body lotion by Nivea afterward

condition my hairs by Elixir complex oil by Kerstase 
The rich Argan oil by Babyliss after bath

Hands and nail cream:
Hands and nail cream by Cauladie  before sleep and twice a day my Eucerin hand cream

The rich eye cream moisturizing by Loccitane

The Vichy Aqua Thermal moisturizing cream with SPF 24
And Biotherm Vivo Skin at nights

These are what I am doing to prevent any issue by dehydration for my skin, as you know it can cause more wrinkles and by a dry surface you wouldn't be able to have a proper makeup. Moreover, you may don't believe that my body is cracking by this desert in my corp. If you know any solution for this problem please let me know.
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Fitness For beginners; Don’t cheat!

It is almost the second month I am following my fitness plan regularly. Last week has been such an organized week for me. What has made me organized and enthusiastic for going to the gym, do my best and don’t cheat (will explain about it) is that I asked myself several question:
Why do you want to got to gym?
-Because I wana six pack ab.
- well, It is one my goal in 2014, it would be so efficient in my health as well and blah blah blah…
Look, if you just wana go cuz that’s one of your goal in bucket list; if you just like to tick something and report it to the world on your blog, show off and etc, JUST GIVE IT UP NOW!!!!
-Why? you use to disappoint me, hate you, go to hell.
Listen, when you go to gym cuz as said you, you will cheat on yourself; will escape from hardworking during the workout time, will go to gym just to finish it not to perform your best! This is The Reality. You have to face it, accept and choose the way of your performance!
The above dialogue was the most useful one I have had with myself ever about bucket list and especially in Fitness Zone. In my seventh week of hardworking, lifting, running and sweating I assumed that the crucial side of  achieving the fitness aims is ” Not to cheat” . If your trainer says: “12 times, 4 series” and you do 10 times in first, 8 in second, 12 in third and don’t lift properly in last series It means you are doing a vain worthless activity. Your trainer charges you monthly, you have to schedule your time to reach the club, get back home and continue your daily life with a tons of tiredness in muscles! So who wins? Who loses? Who will become disappointed at the end?
For sure you know the answer, and you know what I mean!
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Seven easy ways to transform your place for Spring / Siete maneras facil para transformar su casa para Primavera

Seven easy ways to transform your place for Spring / Siete maneras facil para transformar su casa para Primavera

In my opinion, replace the furniture with a new set for each season is a stupid expensive idea, that is why we need to concentrate on more details. Tiny details! Layers, Textures...
How really does it work?

long lasting flowers
flower and in jar
summertime tooth brush
  • Have new cushion, not? Buy a new one; or just change the fabric with spring summer colors. There are thousand of online stores which you can find your lovely pillows and cushions. Be careful about the price; you don't want to pay a huge amount of family money to have colorful things around the house, but try to choose what can stand several washing and cleaning process.
  • Change your tooth brush and choose a yellow orange cute one. This option is the most easiest and quick way to feel good. you start your day by your magic brush and finish a busy or romantic night by as well. Just grab Pink, Bright Red, Neon green in your local drugstore. Mine is Pink and my husband's is Yellow by Colgate.
  • Buy floral ribbon and fasten around your vases. Basically, I have my vases out of jam and puree jars, wine Bottles, Monaco dressing jars and a vintage look metal glass that I find it in my trip to El Hatillo; Then bought few meters of floral ribbons last year in Spring, kept them till this year. Details fill the hidden gaps in your place without a huge tangible as respects emotional angles could covered whole the atmosphere
  • Varied flowers around the house. I am obsessed with long lasting flowers. Easy to find, Cheap to buy, Effortless keeping for a week. What do you expect more? Who doesn't like to enjoy this piece of cake?
    my vintage look metal glass
  • Colorful fairy lamps or strings in one corner or above your bed. For our Persian new year I bought a shiny fairy blue string to help me in the special table, after two weeks, I took it above the bed. It reflects a nice touch to my bedroom. Bedroom is as important as my kitchen :) . It is the cave to seek quiet corner there, lay down in my bed, the green tea mug beside the night table, candles on, scents in the air... Oh My God! Why Not? Why not to give more touches to this magic zone at home.
  • Choose floral and fruity candles. I bought a 90 hours candles with berry and more other summer fruits scent. I am so happy with the giant candles. The size of wick is big enough to give you a lovely light in the sheer dark room.
  • Towels are very refreshing; baby blue, pink or white. The way I wake up and start in bathroom is what can define the rest of my day. That's why the towels I have is so important.  
fairy string

cute prints on Ribbon

Berries candle

wine bottles and flowers

spring touches

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Inspirational Bloggers #2 Elisa and Lily; Style Like U

Inspirational Bloggers #2 Elisa and Lily; Style Like U

Elisa and Lily
I always look for a new motivation. When there is no Post up in my blog, means that There is no motivation in my heart. My posts are not sponsored, I don't write to receive money in my account. If I talk about a product or a piece of clothes, it is all about my style, my thought and feeling. No one can carry a true message unless you have it inside, and further more you wouldn't be able to transfer it to others unless you well have felt that.
Elisa and Lily
It seems rambling, but I want to talk about my another inspiring bloggers on this planet. STYLE LIKE U!
Mother and daughter who have created a platform to give a time to ordinary citizens who are different because of their special own way of clothing, not because of following the trends and what the others accept. Elisa and Lily are amazing and absolute faithful people. I really can't explain how honest they are with the world; my previous post is about Inner beauty; I said that sometimes we may look ugly even by putting on the most expensive makeup, clothes and perfumes because the inside is empty. So if you would like to know, read and see more about it "Elise and Lily" are the right people.

The book By Elisa and Lily 
The most impressive interview which I can't stop to think about it is Armen Ra. He is an American famous Thereminist; a feminine man; of Iranian-American descent. I watched the interview five or six times and deeply contemplate every single words of it. I love him because he is brave enough to live his life in the most gorgeous way ever; I learned a lot.
 I suggest all you fashion , beauty  and lifestyle bloggers to read and watch the projects they have worked on.

Armen Ra
Check the website. You also can buy the book here.
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Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

What happened when we start to blogging? What we need to accomplish by presenting our beauty point of view to the world?

Tuesday was such an empty sick day to me and it was the reason I couldn't do my daily post. I was supposed to talk about Fashion in more varied styles this week and I still am hopeful to be able to do that. But let me explain something honestly. There was something wrong with my Sony Camera so we send it to repair and I am waiting to take it back; it is another reason of my low mood week. Another one is that for photo shoots I am alone and there is no one to help me passionately.

A huge part of good looking and being beautiful is the inner status. Yes, In my opinion it is a mind status. You may look ugly tired and a piece of shit if you won't feel good about yourself and the world around you.
I know many people who buy the high end foundations, best lipstick, the great hand cream ever in the market, but they don't look attractive, sexy and familiar. The lips don't shine and the skin is the same tired surface with a liquid which hasn't absorbed well. The hands wouldn't become soft and welcoming.
I have experienced all this. I was there ans seen so many times.
inside quality will feature double by a liitle amount of mascara or blush if you touch your inner beauty.

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A Comfy Spring Outdoor Look

A Comfy Spring Outdoor Look

Spring comes with a wide range of color choice. I chose this color by random. The top is by Zara and Short is by Bosini. it is short with a layer more in front that's why it seems like a skirt. I enjoy light layers in Spring.
The hair is my natural hair just a night after shower.
The sandals are by a Chinese unknown retailer and the belt by Zara.

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What is a toner/ Que es un Toner?

What is a toner/ Que es un Toner?

Basically "Toner" is a liquid watery consistency to clean up the pores; ways for using it is versatile. I apply it in both method depends on my skin's different occasions.
 The first type is after cleansing my face by gel cleanser to make sure no more pollution or makeup is remained on. For those who have oily skin, pores disorders, or acne prone this way would be probably a huge change. Make sure you use a clean cotton pad, for this aim keep them into the zip keep plastic bags or a jar.
La Roche Posay Toner for Oily sensitive skin

My Sponges
The other method that so many take advantage from Toners is in the first stage of daily cleansing. It means that for removing the surface you apply the toner by a clean cotton pad. It leaves less dirt and stuff to cleanse by gel. However in this instruction I use a sponge in gel cleansing phase. The sponge lets me to have a deeper pore purifying :) .
Try to have toner in your skincare, because it can be effective in so many oily plus acne prone disorders.
The Toner I use is the La Roche Posay toner for eyes and lips. As it has a safe fomula I use it for whole my skin, because my skin is super sensitive and easily breaks out, hyper pigmentation after them and horrible redness. I compare that to Bioderma toner for sensitive skin. These two are really similar, even the effects of both on my skin is similar as well.

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My fitness Experience #1

My fitness Experience #1

This is almost the second month of my serious fitness program. If you follow my personal blog you know that get a six pack ab is one of my goals in 2014. As the year is going by so fast, I hired a personal trainer to help me in my path.

Honestly I really enjoy doing the exercises. My trainer gives me really hard plans in depend on my weight and power but I appreciate him.The several initial sessions, I started and off by Twenty minutes running or elliptical but it is about the three weeks which has raised to  Forty minutes totally.

I think that investing on your body is not all about high end lotions and or shampoo; have a trainer means doing the exercises correctly. Why I mention this dimension? Because I have seen and experienced the failures happened to the body by doing the wrong form of each exercise.
The next one is motivation; stay motivated is the most difficult angle of workout. Especially when you are alone or new to an environment, have no friend to go to gym with; a trainer can fill the gaps easily.
Another reason is the type of my character; I love to make my teacher, professor, coach... satisfied and happy by my hard working and accomplish her/his commands and guides, for this reason I try to do my best.
On top of all, I need to feel well dressed and sexy; that a fit body brings both.

Glance to some of the results:
I usually have had the lowest appetite among my family and friends; but since I have begun the regular exercises my meals are full, I feel hunger four or five times a day and it assist my muscles and energy levels.
Feeling more less depressed. Being happy most of the days, encourage others to start a workout routine. Look more carefully to family nutrition.

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La Roche Posay story and my face/ Historia de La Roche Posay y mi cara

La Roche Posay story and my face/ Historia de La Roche Posay y mi cara

Today I am almost in end of La Roche-Posay Purifying foaming gel for Oily Sensitive skin. I have tried so many cleansing gel from several brands with attention to that a product might act different from person to person.
This one has been a good economic healthy one for my sensitive skin. I have some super oily areas on my face which can cause acne, ruin my foundation and so more.It cleanse my face gently without any irritation and redness. I am so happy with that.
Cleansing Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin
La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-shine Anti-Enlarged pores

Another Product that I apply afterward is this great formulated moisturizing cream. The best part of the moisturizer is the "Matte" finish and in the same time it closes the pores so prevents producing more oily stuff on the skin :).

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Vichy Sunscreen Mattifying face fluid/ Protector solar Vichy

Vichy Sunscreen Mattifying face fluid/ Protector solar Vichy

Sunscreen, Spring and after that Summer; all start by S! And what happened if sun comes in the middle of sky when you are sitting and enjoy your beer and book on the roof or by the sea is not what we would love it. Of course this simple magical character act a main role in my skin care routine. so finding the better one with new exclusivity would be such an amazing accident.

Vichy, It is not a strange brand from drugstore products category, but about the sunscreen I had never tried them before.
Around three month ago, night before my travel to Iran I grabbed this from Vichy stand and was confused by matte announcement on it; " Mattifying face fluid dry touch" and continued by : "Skin cell sun protection".
Then below this sentence had been mentioned: "combination to oily skin" and Paraban free. it sounds amazing. a sunscreen with a matte finish. OMG.

I tried it in different ways. after cleansing my face in the morning directly on my skin  in case I had no time to apply any other of my skin care. In this way it was really good and honestly a matte finish like, closing pores and absorbed quickly.
However the problem when did appear that I apply it immediately after my moisturizing cream by 
La Roche-Posay as you see. It contains a Matte formula. two layer of matte fluid is horrible. your skin gets several white patches and it is enough to ruin your fresh look.
Beside, how I trust Vichy brand which presents a middle to good quality by what you pay, I could love this little orange one as one of sunscreens.
I have it still in front of my mirror I wish it could be a permanent sun defense for me.

Protector solar, primavera y después de ese verano;todos empiezan con S! 
¿Y qué pasó si sale sol en cielo cuando están sentados y disfrutar de tu cerveza y libro a la trazza o en la playa. Es no lo que nos encantaría. Por supuesto este personaje mágico simple actuar un papel principal en mi rutina de cuidado de la piel. Así que encontrar el mejor con exclusividad nuevo sería un accidente tan increíble.
Vichy, no es una extraña marca de productos de parafarmacia categoría,pero no había probandolo. Hace tres meses, la noche antes de mi viaje a Iran agarré esto de estande de Vichy y fue confundido por el anuncio matte; 'Emulsion anti-brillance toucher sec'," Piel mixta y grasa" y Libre de PARABAN. Me parece increíble. un protector solar con un acabado mate. OMG.

Lo he probado en diferentes maneras. después de limpiar mi cara por la mañana directamente en la piel en caso de no tenía tiempo para aplicar cualquier otro de mi cuidado de la piel . De esta manera fue realmente bueno y un acabado mate, cerrando los poros y se absorbe rápidamente.
Sin embargo el problema cuando parecía que lo aplico inmediatamente después de mi crema hidratante por
La Roche- Posay como usted ve. Contiene una fórmula Mate . dos capas de líquido mate es horrible. su piel se pone varias manchas blancas y es suficiente para arruinar tu look fresco.
Ademas, como me fío de la marca Vichy, que presenta una media de buena calidad por lo que pagas , yo podría amar a este pequeño una naranja como uno de los protectores solares.
Lo tengo todavía en frente de mi espejo me gustaría que fuera una defensa sol permanente para me.

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Inspiring Bloggers #1 Phoebe Montag

Inspiring Bloggers #1 Phoebe Montag

How do you find your inspiration? When do you start to blogging, during the day or late nights?
Blogging atmosphere is a whole motivation universe. Where you can see successful people easily by Social Networks. Everyone has some people in her/his mind that follow them in a distinct way from other ones; The difference I am talking about is a complicated feeling formed by admiration, following, learning and listening to them.
  Inspiring Bloggers series is post to mention those who I admire them. The first one is Phoebe Montague. She is an Australian Women, blogging in Fashion field. The post are simple and find a direct way to audience. The photos are fresh and make me alive again. By her background she named her blog as Lady Melbourne .

¿Cómo encuentras tu inspiración? ¿Cuándo empiezas a blogging, durante el día o horas de la noche? 
Blogging ambiente es un universo motivación conjunto. ¿Dónde se puede ver gente de éxito fácilmente por las redes sociales. Todo el mundo tiene alguna gente en su mente que los siguen de una manera distinta a otros; La diferencia que estoy hablando es un sentimiento complicado formado por la admiración, la siguiente, el aprendizaje y escucharlos. 
   Series inspiradoras Bloggers es un post mencionar a aquellos que los admiro. La primera es Phoebe Montague. Ella es una mujer australiana, los blogs en ​​el campo de la moda. El textos son simples y encontrar una manera directa al público. Las fotos son frescas. Por su pasado que ella llamó a su blog como: Lady Melbourne

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Beauty Purchase From Iran/ Compras de Belleza De Iran

Beauty Purchase From Iran/ Compras de Belleza De Iran

No travel is complete without Beauty & Fashion Shopping.
CAUDALIE is one of my reliable and favorite skincare brands that unfortunately there isn't is Venezuela. As you know, it's a French brand which basically, the use grape's benefit to form the products.
Recently all prices raised up in Iran, I could just buy two of Caudalie.
The first one is Anti-Wrinkle Serum. It amazingly absorbs quickly into my skin.
And Hand and nail cream that I have found out about it bu Elle Fowler Youtube Channel.

It was a long time that I was looking for perfect lipstick. I chose two color. one for winter season in Iran and of course for date night from L'oreal PARIS. The nice part of this lipstick is the mild effect of glitters in it. It makes your lips smoother and shinny.

The next Lipstick is by Bourjois, Rouge Edition, a Spring one. with purple pink tone for has come spring in tropical days. It goes with all skin tones.

Ningun  viaje es completa sin compras de Belleza y Moda Shopping.
CAUDALIE es una de mis marcas favoritas de cuidado de la piel. Lamentablemente, no hay tienda de Caudalie enVenezuela. Este es una marca francesa que en el fondo, el beneficio de la uva para producir los productos.
Recientemente todos los precios planteados en Irán, sólo pude comprar dos de Caudalie.
El primero es el Serum Anti-Arrugas. Es increíble. Absorbe rápidamente en la piel.
Segunda, Crema de Manos y uñas que me he enterado de por Elle Fowler Youtube Channel.
Hacía mucho tiempo que yo estaba buscando para el labial perfecto. Escogí dos colores. uno para la Estacion de invierno en Irán y, por supuesto, para la noche. De marca L'oreal PARIS. La parte buena de esta labial es el efecto de brillos. Hace que tus labios suave y brillante.
El siguiente Lipstick es por Bourjois, Rouge Edition, una color de Primavera. con un tono rosada púrpura . Va con todos los tonos de piel.

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April Favorite/  Mis Favoritos de Abril

April Favorite/ Mis Favoritos de Abril

This year is going on so fast. I just can't believe that today is the six of April. It means no more time to finish this year. Nevertheless, many favorite things came to me this month.

Este año está pasando tan rápido. Yo simplemente no puedo creer que hoy es el seis de abril. Esto significa que no hay más tiempo para terminar este año. Sin embargo, muchas cosas se convirtieron mís favoritos de este mes. 

First of all, G.U.M flossers. By this my dental routine got much better and easier.
No.2: Kerastase Elixir Ultimate, is an oil complex. It is a light oil more lighter than my Argan oil by Babyliss.
As you know Kerastase Products are by L'oreal Paris. I mainly  apply it on my ends twenty minutes before bath and sometimes after one or two days after my hair washing routine as I feel my hair is getting dehydrated. I have to add that it smells divine.

En primer lugar, Flossers G.U.M. Por esto mi rutina dental tiene mucho mejor y más fácil.
No.2: Kerastase Elixir último, es un complejo de aceite. Es un aceite ligero más ligero que mi aceite de argán por Babyliss.
Como ustedes saben Kerastase Productos son por L'Oréal Paris. Principalmente lo aplico en mis fines veinte minutos antes del baño y, a veces después de uno o dos días después de mi rutina de lavarse el pelo y quando siento mi pelo se está deshidratado. Tengo que añadir que huele divino.

No.3: Rexona Women Protection Termo-ative 48 hours, with Bambo scent. the main reason it became one of member in this post is its scent.
No.3: Rexona Women Protección Termo-ativa 48 horas, con Bambo olor. la razón principal se convirtió en uno de los miembros en este post es su aroma.

No.4: I always look for a better foundation with a more cover. I spent so much on drugstore foundation so this time I changed my mind and bought Estee Lauder Double wear Stay in Place Foundation. I absolutely love it. The only negative point is that it doesn't have a pump.
No.4: Siempre busco una mejor base con una mayor cobertura. Pasé tanto en la fundación farmacia así que esta vez he cambiado de opinión y compré desgaste Estee Lauder Doble permanecer en el lugar de la Fundación. Me encanta. El único punto negativo es que no tiene una bomba.

No.5: Avon, a bronzer and a blush. This is my first experience of Avon; I am impressed by the quality.
No.5: Avon, un bronceador y un rubor. Esta es mi primera experiencia de Avon; Estoy impresionado por la calidad.
No.6: Anti-blemish by Clinique it is so good. it is a real quick heal for my red spots and really cure my acne.
No.6: Anti-manchas de Clinique es tan bueno. se trata de una verdadera cura rápida para mis manchas rojas y realmente curar mi acné.

  Finally, The Blush brush by Real Technic. It is so easy to apply your blush and so soft.
Por último, el cepillo para blush por Real Technic. Es tan fácil de aplicar su blush y tan suave.
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"Missha" Taste

"Missha" Taste

Thousand times I passed across the MISSHA store, and ignored that just because I had no idea about the quality of products, and used to have this point of view: There are a bunch of reliable brands out there, so those are in higher priority to invest and try.
Let me tell you a bit about this brand. It is a Korean brand and this is my first experience about it.
Besides all, tonight I got there by few words from my friend who was walking beside me in Lider Mall.

Honestly, it was a cheaper price and a lower quality version of Body shop. You can find any products there. hair care, skin care, cosmetic... the two stand of cosmetic contain versatile shade, colors, needs...
I purchased some products as you see in the picture.
First of all, the nail polishes categorized in four level and of course price. little by little, when the price goes up the quality reaches more! I understand this by testing them. Three nail polishes I bought are in second and third category and controlled my shopping sense to go home, try them and after a journey decide to buy the the expensive ones or no.
Absolutely, I picked the spring colors in lipstick too. The packaging is definitely as same as the high ends, and instantly I remembered the YSL or EsteeLauder packaging. The quality is medium.but in a combination with two other colors is such a unique tone.

All in all, I am so happy with my goodies from Missha. if you ask me will you go there again? I will say: for nail polishes and mask sheet as a home treatment for my skin yes, in addition I really want to try the gel eyeliners and shower gels once only.
About the hair and other skin care products: NO
As a gift package it is an economic option and deeply girly.

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