Bioderma Lip Balm

What do you do with chapped dry lips? It is a long old experience for my lips so I have learned how to deal with.

First of all, at night before sleep I apply my lip balm.
In case of flight, I take mine in my essential beauty products bag with me.
Days I stay at home, I continue my morning routine with lip balm.

These small cheap products are real friends to present you a perfect status of lips. So Don't forget yours in daily skincare routine. Lip balms are generally the less experience part of each skincare brand. So investing on a good one can save your lips and in the same time you will enjoy the softness and smoothness. Nevertheless, I have tried the drugstore ones and mostly was happy with them. My current lip balm is By Bioderma, Atoderm Levres, Restorative Lip Balm; I fell in love with first try. The consistency is a clear to yellow cream. It is hydrating but not greasy.The applicator on top with a tiny hole to give the material out, bring small enough amount and saves you the rest of it. What is your current Lip Balm?

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