Eye gel review by Vivo Skin Yeux BIOTHERM!

I took this photo about five month ago when I bought it. It is called Biotherma Skin vivo Yeux ani aging eye gel; I prefer to report my review after a complete experiment. And now is the time.

Biotherm was an unknown brand to me which I would like to to explore, so I purchased two products. One of them is Vivo skin That I mentioned it before in my temporary dry skin treatment and the Eye gel. As I have experienced many eye creams I mean my highest priority to buy skincare products is EYE! Although  never have used such this kind of consistency; It is like a gel cream. It is not runny and not thick as well. It easily blends on eye area and absorbs fast. I have use it at night also in the morning after cleansing my skin (at that moment my skin was oily) so I could give back enough moisture to my eye area. Even in the morning when I wake up I can feel the hydration there.
I love the gel eye cream by this elegant skinny guy. It think it is a level lower than eye serum. Try a Gel and let me know about your favorite one :) .

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