Fitness For beginners; Don’t cheat!

It is almost the second month I am following my fitness plan regularly. Last week has been such an organized week for me. What has made me organized and enthusiastic for going to the gym, do my best and don’t cheat (will explain about it) is that I asked myself several question:
Why do you want to got to gym?
-Because I wana six pack ab.
- well, It is one my goal in 2014, it would be so efficient in my health as well and blah blah blah…
Look, if you just wana go cuz that’s one of your goal in bucket list; if you just like to tick something and report it to the world on your blog, show off and etc, JUST GIVE IT UP NOW!!!!
-Why? you use to disappoint me, hate you, go to hell.
Listen, when you go to gym cuz as said you, you will cheat on yourself; will escape from hardworking during the workout time, will go to gym just to finish it not to perform your best! This is The Reality. You have to face it, accept and choose the way of your performance!
The above dialogue was the most useful one I have had with myself ever about bucket list and especially in Fitness Zone. In my seventh week of hardworking, lifting, running and sweating I assumed that the crucial side of  achieving the fitness aims is ” Not to cheat” . If your trainer says: “12 times, 4 series” and you do 10 times in first, 8 in second, 12 in third and don’t lift properly in last series It means you are doing a vain worthless activity. Your trainer charges you monthly, you have to schedule your time to reach the club, get back home and continue your daily life with a tons of tiredness in muscles! So who wins? Who loses? Who will become disappointed at the end?
For sure you know the answer, and you know what I mean!

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