Inner Beauty

What happened when we start to blogging? What we need to accomplish by presenting our beauty point of view to the world?

Tuesday was such an empty sick day to me and it was the reason I couldn't do my daily post. I was supposed to talk about Fashion in more varied styles this week and I still am hopeful to be able to do that. But let me explain something honestly. There was something wrong with my Sony Camera so we send it to repair and I am waiting to take it back; it is another reason of my low mood week. Another one is that for photo shoots I am alone and there is no one to help me passionately.

A huge part of good looking and being beautiful is the inner status. Yes, In my opinion it is a mind status. You may look ugly tired and a piece of shit if you won't feel good about yourself and the world around you.
I know many people who buy the high end foundations, best lipstick, the great hand cream ever in the market, but they don't look attractive, sexy and familiar. The lips don't shine and the skin is the same tired surface with a liquid which hasn't absorbed well. The hands wouldn't become soft and welcoming.
I have experienced all this. I was there ans seen so many times.
inside quality will feature double by a liitle amount of mascara or blush if you touch your inner beauty.

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