"Missha" Taste

Thousand times I passed across the MISSHA store, and ignored that just because I had no idea about the quality of products, and used to have this point of view: There are a bunch of reliable brands out there, so those are in higher priority to invest and try.
Let me tell you a bit about this brand. It is a Korean brand and this is my first experience about it.
Besides all, tonight I got there by few words from my friend who was walking beside me in Lider Mall.

Honestly, it was a cheaper price and a lower quality version of Body shop. You can find any products there. hair care, skin care, cosmetic... the two stand of cosmetic contain versatile shade, colors, needs...
I purchased some products as you see in the picture.
First of all, the nail polishes categorized in four level and of course price. little by little, when the price goes up the quality reaches more! I understand this by testing them. Three nail polishes I bought are in second and third category and controlled my shopping sense to go home, try them and after a journey decide to buy the the expensive ones or no.
Absolutely, I picked the spring colors in lipstick too. The packaging is definitely as same as the high ends, and instantly I remembered the YSL or EsteeLauder packaging. The quality is medium.but in a combination with two other colors is such a unique tone.

All in all, I am so happy with my goodies from Missha. if you ask me will you go there again? I will say: for nail polishes and mask sheet as a home treatment for my skin yes, in addition I really want to try the gel eyeliners and shower gels once only.
About the hair and other skin care products: NO
As a gift package it is an economic option and deeply girly.

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