My fitness Experience #1

This is almost the second month of my serious fitness program. If you follow my personal blog you know that get a six pack ab is one of my goals in 2014. As the year is going by so fast, I hired a personal trainer to help me in my path.

Honestly I really enjoy doing the exercises. My trainer gives me really hard plans in depend on my weight and power but I appreciate him.The several initial sessions, I started and off by Twenty minutes running or elliptical but it is about the three weeks which has raised to  Forty minutes totally.

I think that investing on your body is not all about high end lotions and or shampoo; have a trainer means doing the exercises correctly. Why I mention this dimension? Because I have seen and experienced the failures happened to the body by doing the wrong form of each exercise.
The next one is motivation; stay motivated is the most difficult angle of workout. Especially when you are alone or new to an environment, have no friend to go to gym with; a trainer can fill the gaps easily.
Another reason is the type of my character; I love to make my teacher, professor, coach... satisfied and happy by my hard working and accomplish her/his commands and guides, for this reason I try to do my best.
On top of all, I need to feel well dressed and sexy; that a fit body brings both.

Glance to some of the results:
I usually have had the lowest appetite among my family and friends; but since I have begun the regular exercises my meals are full, I feel hunger four or five times a day and it assist my muscles and energy levels.
Feeling more less depressed. Being happy most of the days, encourage others to start a workout routine. Look more carefully to family nutrition.

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