Seven easy ways to transform your place for Spring / Siete maneras facil para transformar su casa para Primavera

In my opinion, replace the furniture with a new set for each season is a stupid expensive idea, that is why we need to concentrate on more details. Tiny details! Layers, Textures...
How really does it work?

long lasting flowers
flower and in jar
summertime tooth brush
  • Have new cushion, not? Buy a new one; or just change the fabric with spring summer colors. There are thousand of online stores which you can find your lovely pillows and cushions. Be careful about the price; you don't want to pay a huge amount of family money to have colorful things around the house, but try to choose what can stand several washing and cleaning process.
  • Change your tooth brush and choose a yellow orange cute one. This option is the most easiest and quick way to feel good. you start your day by your magic brush and finish a busy or romantic night by as well. Just grab Pink, Bright Red, Neon green in your local drugstore. Mine is Pink and my husband's is Yellow by Colgate.
  • Buy floral ribbon and fasten around your vases. Basically, I have my vases out of jam and puree jars, wine Bottles, Monaco dressing jars and a vintage look metal glass that I find it in my trip to El Hatillo; Then bought few meters of floral ribbons last year in Spring, kept them till this year. Details fill the hidden gaps in your place without a huge tangible as respects emotional angles could covered whole the atmosphere
  • Varied flowers around the house. I am obsessed with long lasting flowers. Easy to find, Cheap to buy, Effortless keeping for a week. What do you expect more? Who doesn't like to enjoy this piece of cake?
    my vintage look metal glass
  • Colorful fairy lamps or strings in one corner or above your bed. For our Persian new year I bought a shiny fairy blue string to help me in the special table, after two weeks, I took it above the bed. It reflects a nice touch to my bedroom. Bedroom is as important as my kitchen :) . It is the cave to seek quiet corner there, lay down in my bed, the green tea mug beside the night table, candles on, scents in the air... Oh My God! Why Not? Why not to give more touches to this magic zone at home.
  • Choose floral and fruity candles. I bought a 90 hours candles with berry and more other summer fruits scent. I am so happy with the giant candles. The size of wick is big enough to give you a lovely light in the sheer dark room.
  • Towels are very refreshing; baby blue, pink or white. The way I wake up and start in bathroom is what can define the rest of my day. That's why the towels I have is so important.  
fairy string

cute prints on Ribbon

Berries candle

wine bottles and flowers

spring touches

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