Toner, Horrible Toner!

As you know, I am a big fan of toners, and I have experienced so many different brands to find out the best for my skin. Toners can cleanse your skin smoothly. Remember that your beauty and developing the health skin starts by "Clean Skins".
I normally, invest more on skin care products and really I look at it as an investment. But sometimes I wonder if the manufactures and Labs have thought about the formula and the quality of their products. Although I know that different budget requires distinct goodies.

Oh my god, this text is going to be long! All in all, this product is the most disappointing toner i have ever used entire my junkie beauty life. You have no idea how much it sucks. It is nothing, no cleansing! no fresh skin afterward, no specific effect. For a toner these sentences means death! I am so sorry for the money I spent. it is a drugstore brand moreover it is the first and last one I tried of it. I wouldn't purchased any other option from "Cera di Cupra".
Cera di cupra is an Italian brand as you know.

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