What is a toner/ Que es un Toner?

Basically "Toner" is a liquid watery consistency to clean up the pores; ways for using it is versatile. I apply it in both method depends on my skin's different occasions.
 The first type is after cleansing my face by gel cleanser to make sure no more pollution or makeup is remained on. For those who have oily skin, pores disorders, or acne prone this way would be probably a huge change. Make sure you use a clean cotton pad, for this aim keep them into the zip keep plastic bags or a jar.
La Roche Posay Toner for Oily sensitive skin

My Sponges
The other method that so many take advantage from Toners is in the first stage of daily cleansing. It means that for removing the surface you apply the toner by a clean cotton pad. It leaves less dirt and stuff to cleanse by gel. However in this instruction I use a sponge in gel cleansing phase. The sponge lets me to have a deeper pore purifying :) .
Try to have toner in your skincare, because it can be effective in so many oily plus acne prone disorders.
The Toner I use is the La Roche Posay toner for eyes and lips. As it has a safe fomula I use it for whole my skin, because my skin is super sensitive and easily breaks out, hyper pigmentation after them and horrible redness. I compare that to Bioderma toner for sensitive skin. These two are really similar, even the effects of both on my skin is similar as well.

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