When OILY skin turns into a DESERT

If you have an oily sensitive skin for years, it may be interesting to know when everything turns into a completely different situation. Couple of last weeks, my skin has experienced its most dry days. The facts are surprising and the reasons are obvious. I was diagnosed with under-active hypothyroidism in winter and I can clearly remember that my doctor asked me some basic questions in the first visit. one of them was related to my skin and hair status. He asked me if I have noticed dehydration? No, I said.
Because I thought my skin type is still oily while in winter I use to apply a tone of moisturizing on whole my body and hair thus there was no sign to approve it. However he disagreed with me and after a second touching my stomach to examine my colon status, told me: Hey girl, your body is so dry and dull, how do you say no?
Oil Complex Elixir Ultimate By Kerstase

Day Hand and Face Moisturizing 

Biotherm Vivo Skin, Night cream

Ultra Rich Eye cream by Loccitane
All the mentioned dialogue couldn't stop me to change my mind, since the extremely dehydration on my legs and face warned me to check out the side effect of under-active thyroid. And it is the case!
Meanwhile, I am waiting to see my doctor in order to introduce me to a dermatologist in Caracas (Where I live), I have started to use rich moisturizing creams and lotions. My options are not so vast or expensive, I just do my best:

message my whole body by olive oil before shower
I apply my new Happy Body lotion by Nivea afterward

condition my hairs by Elixir complex oil by Kerstase 
The rich Argan oil by Babyliss after bath

Hands and nail cream:
Hands and nail cream by Cauladie  before sleep and twice a day my Eucerin hand cream

The rich eye cream moisturizing by Loccitane

The Vichy Aqua Thermal moisturizing cream with SPF 24
And Biotherm Vivo Skin at nights

These are what I am doing to prevent any issue by dehydration for my skin, as you know it can cause more wrinkles and by a dry surface you wouldn't be able to have a proper makeup. Moreover, you may don't believe that my body is cracking by this desert in my corp. If you know any solution for this problem please let me know.

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