How to cure homesick

How to cure homesick

I know what it does mean and some how I have overcome! My first month after marriage started by saying good bye to my country, family and friends. Although I am so happy to experience the world, languages and cultures, I feel something which is hard to define.I just know how to cure them. The first step is not to suppress that.

Embrace that:
Now you are in the stage to be a doctor for your memories and emotions. It doesn't matter how much you hate the home or even how much you are enthusiastic to adventure; The matter is that the inside pieces strengthen as you get further.

Secondly, take something with you:
 What is more fun; the part reminds you the best days. I always have mine. It is a moon as you see. My mom bought me a Barbie who was laid on that when I was nine; we lived in the south in Iran, in Abadan. After eight years of military conflict between Iran and Iraq, the city was a whole mess. Infection, illness, lacking of essential products and so many more... Having a Barbie was a paradise in the hell. I remember it was really expensive... Any way, it reminds me, family, childhood dreams and love.

The Moon


My husband takes his mocks! So fantasy and in the same time his love to American classic cars, especially those which are from 70th decade!


Keep in touch:
 these days a free phone call by smart phones is easier than calling for pizza delivery at your door. so do that!
These easy simple steps are on top of what I do based on my experience to be happy and overcome all horrible emotions caused by distance.
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Get The Black Stones

Get The Black Stones

My Shopping Jewelry is a long old story. I buy the pieces and after years they go to match. The silver ring with black stone is from when I was 21 and the earrings were purchased when I was 25. And the final result is incredibly beautiful. I mostly war them for night to boost the whole look.

  The tiny shiny stones show off the ring's beauty more. See how stunning they are. The fair                to medium skins are a proper background for these intense color; no more watch or other stuff you need in  case you wear such this kind of set.
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Vintage Dior Mirror

Vintage Dior Mirror

Vintage is vintage, but what if a brand shines on the vintage object? What would you do? (the vintage lovers). I am mad about the vintage things. Clothes, cups, plates, chandeliers, carpets, cameras, radios, TV and some more. Apart from my eager, I don't know enough to realize the antique things. I have mentioned once before about the vintage market in Caracas here. Recently, I purchased a mirror. Honestly, I have no idea if it is an original or fake. However, the reason made me to buy that is the Dior name on it.
Dior Vintage Mirror
Dior Vintage

Furthermore,The surface of the mirror is smooth and no stain on it, the back cover has some stains as you see them. The Dior logo is sitting there in a gorgeous way. The bag is a thin layer of velour. I am not sure what is exactly called. Based on my research this fabric is named Doux cotton Velveteen.
The velvet bag
Mirror Side
The Back

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Revlon Nail Art, 3D Jewel Stickers and brain skills

Revlon Nail Art, 3D Jewel Stickers and brain skills

I am pleased by two things; One, my shopping sense and the other one is my nails. Although, I wish I had  the longer nail to show off, I am so happy with what I would like to share with you. Last year, I bought myself a fancy attractive package which was calling me the whole hour I was in the drugstore. It was Revlon nail art, 3D jewel stickers!

This step is a real comic one: few days after my purchase I decided to try them, But I JUST COULD NOT. It was so hard to remember why I couldn't apply these beauties on my nail, I just know that I had so many issues with using a scissor plus they didn't stick on my nail bed properly.
Furthermore, one of my tasks on my "To do list for weekend" was written as: "manicure" . After buffing my nails I saw this little package under the nail files, nail clippers... surprisingly, I was successful at applying them even on my right hand nails! 
 Awesome achievement! I assumed that I am more concentrated and my left hand skills has been developed since last year! That is the secret! Brain development.

Let's jump into the details: As the packaging says: UV curved technology made to last. No Dry Time. Won't dry out. 18 Stickers. Right now the biggest positive mark goes to "no dry time"! 
It is the most amazing thing in the manicure world which is ever created! A method of manicure, with no time to dry. Can you believe that? I am a big fan of these nice stickers because from the Saturday night up to now (Monday), they are fine.

The stickers came with a nail file to condition the extra amount. If you are curious to know what I think about the design, I have to say that they are super cute; floral print with a few glitter leaves. But the name is against the product. It is named wild flowers. I have no feeling about the wild flower....
If you are looking for a classy manicure for an especial occasion the stickers are such a life savior.

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Bed Fragrance?

Bed Fragrance?
Oriflame Body and Mind
My bedroom is one of the most important areas in my home! It doesn't matter if I live in a flat or a thousands square feet home; Where is my bed, pillow and bed-sheet means relaxation zone. Peaceful minutes that I am enthusiast every single night to get there, grab my tea, magazine, book, cell phone, having a nice background music and good fragrances! Yes, It is right. Fragrances: I said. 
 Deodorant and seventy percents of times, a lotion. next step, lighting my candles and the amazing scent on the air. Finally? I have other solution too. Because they are calming!
Oriflame Nature Secret
 Lavender scent by Oriflame. the interesting point is that it smells exactly the lavender, not like one my oils which smells as same as toilet air freshener spray. In case you have no idea about the Oriflame it is a Sweden brand, which produces affordable beauty, spa and accessories items. I can't describe how beautiful and pleasant is that. The Spray is called Oriflame Body and Mind Night Time, sweet dreams mist. Unfortunately, I think this product has been discontinued because I searched and couldn't find it on Oriflame Sweden Website
The new one that I have is a summer spring scent. Mint with raspberry! It is like that you have a deep sleep on the bottle raspberry and mint farm! Can you imagine that? Actually, it has produced as a body care product but I prefer to use it for my bed. It is named Oriflame Nature secrets Body Mist Mint and Raspberry.
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Mysterious Birds

Mysterious Birds

All industries have been taking advantage of the nature symbols for years, but I never believed to become obsessed with birds forms in Jewelries since I saw these. It is a set of earrings and a ring; the moment I saw this precious maser piece I couldn't resist and say no!

I was shaking so excited! I begged the shop assistance to sell me that! That was my real reaction! I totally had forgotten that I am a customer, and this is a good to be sold! If I ask and pay the price, I will own that! But the situation was like the last moment of whole universe to me!

I know, that it seems funny! But I am telling the truth. I am sure that not everyone likes these tiny birds,as it was several weeks in the store. The girl said to me! I just can't understand how people could had seen and not bought them!
the metal which is used is Nickle Silver, also known as German silver. It is an alloy out of cooper, zinc and Nickle.
Although, I couldn't take proper photos to show off its majesty, they are enough perfect to fall in love with.
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The Rings

The Rings
Fab Ring
Middle ring is what I never was in to, but about a year and half ago I magically have been attracted by these sophisticated accessories.I call it middle ring because mostly my middle finger shines by them also call them individually, as Accessories, because they really act so. The lazy days there is no nail polish, and no mood to do a perfect manicure. These lovely rings survives me. The glamorous they give to the fingers, will covers any imperfection.
 I bought the above ring almost three year ago, it came with a similar pair of beautiful earrings. I didn't use to wear the ring, because... I have no idea why? whereas the earrings were my permanent company. As I get older I do love my older pieces of my closet more beside when I live with them for a longer time, they change into new tools for new occasions.
Green Stone Ring

I learnt that the creativity could be an answer for my longing to buy another piece.
 Therefore, let's have some Rings:

 For the below one, I have to say that I was inspired by ancient Iranian coins, I bought it this winter in Iran.
ancient look ring

This shiny white stone is actually, the shell of the oyster and the frame metal is silver. I bought it more than five years ago. It came with a necklace and pairs of earring.
oyster and silver

 It is a gift by my mom.

Last summer my sister gave this elegant golden ring.

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One Body One Hair

One Body One Hair
Spa Line Exfoliate & Garnier Conditioner
My new discoveries which are dancing in my bathroom while I enjoy applying them on head to toe! First one is a again a Venezuelan brand which I love that. A Physical body exfoliate is the product I am going to talk about. But let me tell your firstly about the brand. A drugstore brand called SPA LINE, low price good quality, smells divine and lastly, my husband and I love that so much.

Unfortunately as same as other Venezuelan product that I had introduced here before I could not find any official website related to SPA LINE.
Spa Line Exfoliate gel
Love number two is by Garnier , Fructis with oil ingredients as a conditioner. About this one I have to say that it is a real nourishing for my dry hair especially after highlighting my poor hair. It's not thick while it covers the structure of the lengths and the ends like a protecting layer.
Granier conditioner

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Time for Bronzers

Time for Bronzers

Officially, summer is here and most of us are running to grab a touch of sun. All brands have been revealed their especial, ordinary and limited edition Bronzers to give us varied versions.
Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Color 021 

I apply the bronzer in any occasions, I have seen a big difference in my makeup routine by the shades it add to my face. Sometimes I use it as face tanning and also for havimg a rapid nice contour. The new bronzer I have is by Rimmel as you see below. It is not new in Rimmel products but ther eis no doubt that I am late in the party. However, I'm so happy with my purchase.
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 Sulfate free Plus micro aqua serum Shampoo by Dove

Sulfate free Plus micro aqua serum Shampoo by Dove

It is more than six month that I have been using Dove shampoo and conditioner as a therapy for my hair. What makes this line different from other shampoos is that, basically it doesn't contain the salt (Sodium Chloride) and it helps to keep the hydration of the length
Shampoo and Conditioner, By Dove, Sodium chloride free

There are a bunch of positive results by that and one of them is less frizz, less damage to your hair structure. moreover, it controls hair fall.
Both conditioner ans shampoo contains micro aqua serum as well and it is another positive point. Plus the material which acts as a heat protection for styling. By the way, I use my heat protection from the same line afterward for blow-drying that I will post about the it soon.
Sodium Chloride free with micro aqua serum

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Vogue Latino America Cover Review, June 2014

Vogue Latino America Cover Review, June 2014

Tens of faces are standing and sitting in the sun, I am staring at them and suddenly without any decision from before pick up one of them.
That is my story about magazines! The ladys and gentlemen on the covers are the most important part of selling the magazines in the meanwhile  magazine logo and other details of cover designing are effective as much as skinny models and a celebrities' gesture.
Vogue Latinoamerica, June 2014

Apart from, all mentioned angles, what mostly attracts me is the color of logo and the background. I have an especial affair with details. My life is formed out of these tiny colors, shapes and fonts.
 This month I was not impressed by the June cover of Vogue Latino America . Because with Five month of distance they repeated the sky baby blue shade on background and the March font color for logo. I have to confess that I was freaking shocked by the January cover combination! A bronzed model in white on a sheer baby blue surface. For me, it was a strong tune of spring which was calling me after cold wintry days. I was like, Oh I have to get it right now, I said in front of news stand.
Vogue Latinoamerica, January 2014
Vogue Latinoamerica, March 2014

But June, summer birthday started by a purple pink VOGUE at the the same blue. Oh God, it was one the most disappointing moments in my day. I was so angry; Any way I couldn't wait more to get home, sit and jump into the pages. But what can please me when "the cover, the moment icon of a magazine couldn't has made me excited" ! In other hand, I go thorugh all content because I love fashion and I am a huge fan of Vogue, but what if a person without any interest in vogue would lilke to buy a fashion magazine!  It is the time
Please, when you are designing, when you are in front of thousands of color to choose from your illustrating software, attention to passion and burning desires of your readers which may be suppressed by a wrong selection. There are definitely more choices to have for the most crucial ambassador of fashion around the world (vogue). What is necessary to remember every single minutes of cover designing is that, The cover speaks about the whole magazine team before a reader opens and follows the package of a hard working month. The covers sing before the reader even decide to look at them.
 It may be believed that, The same topics and a general methods lead a Fashion & Beauty Magazine! So, It doesn't matter how hard you work. At the end, everything going to be boring and repeated! No surprise to have failed repetition on covers and illustration. Against this belief I have to add a point that the fashion is what use to reduce the boring moments in our lives, beauty is an attempt for being able to see wonderful sides of our daily aspects; The creative spirit of fashion doesn't allow that to happen. Accordingly, if this point of view is tried to be kept and developed, you won't experience those tedious moments in Vogue any more. 

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May Favorites / Mis favoritos de Mayo

May Favorites / Mis favoritos de Mayo

The May is over, The month that I was so excited about. whereas that I couldn't accomplish all of the goals of this month, I enjoyed a lot. The only disappointing week was this week. no workout, no considerable post, etc.
Nevertheless, I am so excited about the final post of the month, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do by writing it.

Skin Magics:
Clarins, Masue Creme, "Anti-Soif", Multi Hydratant
Clarins Mask

Clarins has been a Magical product of this month. As I mentioned here, my skin turns into a desert status so, I was looking for something revitalizing for my skin, by reading this post by Amilia Liana I purchased this mysterious mask. Actually, it is hydrating mask. the consistency is like a thick cream, beside the divine smell; it works incredibly amazing. The real motto which comes true by applying for the first time.

I never can stop talking about La Roche-Posay! This month I had to try a mild make up remover, after searching for a while I found the  PHYSIOLOGICAL CLEANSING MILK
cleansing milk by La Roche Posay

Bath time: (body and hair):
The skin care story will be so long in this post. My new product for body exfoliation is by a Venezuelan brand, it was cheap and the packaging is so beautiful, you may have seen it on one of my Instagram photos. It is soft, and a real scrub to clean and fresh the surface. Unfortunately, there is nothing about this product on Interenet, so I couldn't leave you guys a link to check out.
Body Scrub and Hair Hydraring

 Hydration in hair circumstance is crucial to any lady, and why not do your best. This hydration (I must call it " mask"); after rinsing the conditioner one more step change the texture of my hair. be careful to apply a little bit of that not a bunch, because even after washing your hair, it may be felt heavy and after a day and half you want to jump into the shower and rinse everything from your scalp. apply it just on ends and length.
 Herbal Essence never has pleased me by the shampoos. But this product helped me with dryness. The link you can check is the same one in a different packaging.

The book:
I am obsessed with is a long novel in ten Volume, and 2,836  pages. This month I read the third and fourth volumes. It is one the world longest novel. It is named " Kelidar" and of course in Persian.

Last weekend we moved in another apartment, so I was in hunt of some pieces to meet my organization longing :) ! These are what I am in love with.
Cute basket for goodies by my sink

clear jar

In the Previous apartment we didn't have got book shelves! And this is mean a lot of hard times to find the books, I had to organize them into the closet! And here we have a good size of book shelves, and I did my best to have my books, catalogs, magazines, some stationary tools, etc!

Nail Polish:
You have seen this nail polish on my Missha Haul, The nail polish I used most in May was this sheer baby blue; The quality is crap but I try to fix it for more days buy base and top coat.
MISSHA nail polish

For my teenage days now, I have been crazy about candles. In other words, I am an Candle addict! Green leaf is a popular brand here for home fragrance and fortunately I could find a nice scented candles. Its light is bright enough tp read in bed! I know it is not a good habit to spread that by Internet, but sometimes I like to read before sleeping, in darkness, just for make my eyes more tired and fall asleep easily. My choice is Candle Tin Snow Flowers. It is a deep summer scent and I truly love it.
Summer Candle in Night
Snow Flower candle

Green Leaf

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