Bed Fragrance?

Oriflame Body and Mind
My bedroom is one of the most important areas in my home! It doesn't matter if I live in a flat or a thousands square feet home; Where is my bed, pillow and bed-sheet means relaxation zone. Peaceful minutes that I am enthusiast every single night to get there, grab my tea, magazine, book, cell phone, having a nice background music and good fragrances! Yes, It is right. Fragrances: I said. 
 Deodorant and seventy percents of times, a lotion. next step, lighting my candles and the amazing scent on the air. Finally? I have other solution too. Because they are calming!

Oriflame Nature Secret
 Lavender scent by Oriflame. the interesting point is that it smells exactly the lavender, not like one my oils which smells as same as toilet air freshener spray. In case you have no idea about the Oriflame it is a Sweden brand, which produces affordable beauty, spa and accessories items. I can't describe how beautiful and pleasant is that. The Spray is called Oriflame Body and Mind Night Time, sweet dreams mist. Unfortunately, I think this product has been discontinued because I searched and couldn't find it on Oriflame Sweden Website
The new one that I have is a summer spring scent. Mint with raspberry! It is like that you have a deep sleep on the bottle raspberry and mint farm! Can you imagine that? Actually, it has produced as a body care product but I prefer to use it for my bed. It is named Oriflame Nature secrets Body Mist Mint and Raspberry.

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