May Favorites / Mis favoritos de Mayo

The May is over, The month that I was so excited about. whereas that I couldn't accomplish all of the goals of this month, I enjoyed a lot. The only disappointing week was this week. no workout, no considerable post, etc.
Nevertheless, I am so excited about the final post of the month, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do by writing it.

Skin Magics:
Clarins, Masue Creme, "Anti-Soif", Multi Hydratant
Clarins Mask

Clarins has been a Magical product of this month. As I mentioned here, my skin turns into a desert status so, I was looking for something revitalizing for my skin, by reading this post by Amilia Liana I purchased this mysterious mask. Actually, it is hydrating mask. the consistency is like a thick cream, beside the divine smell; it works incredibly amazing. The real motto which comes true by applying for the first time.

I never can stop talking about La Roche-Posay! This month I had to try a mild make up remover, after searching for a while I found the  PHYSIOLOGICAL CLEANSING MILK
cleansing milk by La Roche Posay

Bath time: (body and hair):
The skin care story will be so long in this post. My new product for body exfoliation is by a Venezuelan brand, it was cheap and the packaging is so beautiful, you may have seen it on one of my Instagram photos. It is soft, and a real scrub to clean and fresh the surface. Unfortunately, there is nothing about this product on Interenet, so I couldn't leave you guys a link to check out.
Body Scrub and Hair Hydraring

 Hydration in hair circumstance is crucial to any lady, and why not do your best. This hydration (I must call it " mask"); after rinsing the conditioner one more step change the texture of my hair. be careful to apply a little bit of that not a bunch, because even after washing your hair, it may be felt heavy and after a day and half you want to jump into the shower and rinse everything from your scalp. apply it just on ends and length.
 Herbal Essence never has pleased me by the shampoos. But this product helped me with dryness. The link you can check is the same one in a different packaging.

The book:
I am obsessed with is a long novel in ten Volume, and 2,836  pages. This month I read the third and fourth volumes. It is one the world longest novel. It is named " Kelidar" and of course in Persian.

Last weekend we moved in another apartment, so I was in hunt of some pieces to meet my organization longing :) ! These are what I am in love with.
Cute basket for goodies by my sink

clear jar

In the Previous apartment we didn't have got book shelves! And this is mean a lot of hard times to find the books, I had to organize them into the closet! And here we have a good size of book shelves, and I did my best to have my books, catalogs, magazines, some stationary tools, etc!

Nail Polish:
You have seen this nail polish on my Missha Haul, The nail polish I used most in May was this sheer baby blue; The quality is crap but I try to fix it for more days buy base and top coat.
MISSHA nail polish

For my teenage days now, I have been crazy about candles. In other words, I am an Candle addict! Green leaf is a popular brand here for home fragrance and fortunately I could find a nice scented candles. Its light is bright enough tp read in bed! I know it is not a good habit to spread that by Internet, but sometimes I like to read before sleeping, in darkness, just for make my eyes more tired and fall asleep easily. My choice is Candle Tin Snow Flowers. It is a deep summer scent and I truly love it.
Summer Candle in Night

Snow Flower candle

Green Leaf

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