One Body One Hair

Spa Line Exfoliate & Garnier Conditioner
My new discoveries which are dancing in my bathroom while I enjoy applying them on head to toe! First one is a again a Venezuelan brand which I love that. A Physical body exfoliate is the product I am going to talk about. But let me tell your firstly about the brand. A drugstore brand called SPA LINE, low price good quality, smells divine and lastly, my husband and I love that so much.

Unfortunately as same as other Venezuelan product that I had introduced here before I could not find any official website related to SPA LINE.

Spa Line Exfoliate gel
Love number two is by Garnier , Fructis with oil ingredients as a conditioner. About this one I have to say that it is a real nourishing for my dry hair especially after highlighting my poor hair. It's not thick while it covers the structure of the lengths and the ends like a protecting layer.

Granier conditioner

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