Revlon Nail Art, 3D Jewel Stickers and brain skills

I am pleased by two things; One, my shopping sense and the other one is my nails. Although, I wish I had  the longer nail to show off, I am so happy with what I would like to share with you. Last year, I bought myself a fancy attractive package which was calling me the whole hour I was in the drugstore. It was Revlon nail art, 3D jewel stickers!

This step is a real comic one: few days after my purchase I decided to try them, But I JUST COULD NOT. It was so hard to remember why I couldn't apply these beauties on my nail, I just know that I had so many issues with using a scissor plus they didn't stick on my nail bed properly.
Furthermore, one of my tasks on my "To do list for weekend" was written as: "manicure" . After buffing my nails I saw this little package under the nail files, nail clippers... surprisingly, I was successful at applying them even on my right hand nails! 
 Awesome achievement! I assumed that I am more concentrated and my left hand skills has been developed since last year! That is the secret! Brain development.

Let's jump into the details: As the packaging says: UV curved technology made to last. No Dry Time. Won't dry out. 18 Stickers. Right now the biggest positive mark goes to "no dry time"! 
It is the most amazing thing in the manicure world which is ever created! A method of manicure, with no time to dry. Can you believe that? I am a big fan of these nice stickers because from the Saturday night up to now (Monday), they are fine.

The stickers came with a nail file to condition the extra amount. If you are curious to know what I think about the design, I have to say that they are super cute; floral print with a few glitter leaves. But the name is against the product. It is named wild flowers. I have no feeling about the wild flower....
If you are looking for a classy manicure for an especial occasion the stickers are such a life savior.

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