The Rings

Fab Ring
Middle ring is what I never was in to, but about a year and half ago I magically have been attracted by these sophisticated accessories.I call it middle ring because mostly my middle finger shines by them also call them individually, as Accessories, because they really act so. The lazy days there is no nail polish, and no mood to do a perfect manicure. These lovely rings survives me. The glamorous they give to the fingers, will covers any imperfection.
 I bought the above ring almost three year ago, it came with a similar pair of beautiful earrings. I didn't use to wear the ring, because... I have no idea why? whereas the earrings were my permanent company. As I get older I do love my older pieces of my closet more beside when I live with them for a longer time, they change into new tools for new occasions.

Green Stone Ring

I learnt that the creativity could be an answer for my longing to buy another piece.
 Therefore, let's have some Rings:

 For the below one, I have to say that I was inspired by ancient Iranian coins, I bought it this winter in Iran.
ancient look ring

This shiny white stone is actually, the shell of the oyster and the frame metal is silver. I bought it more than five years ago. It came with a necklace and pairs of earring.
oyster and silver

 It is a gift by my mom.

Last summer my sister gave this elegant golden ring.

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