Vogue Latino America Cover Review, June 2014

Tens of faces are standing and sitting in the sun, I am staring at them and suddenly without any decision from before pick up one of them.
That is my story about magazines! The ladys and gentlemen on the covers are the most important part of selling the magazines in the meanwhile  magazine logo and other details of cover designing are effective as much as skinny models and a celebrities' gesture.
Vogue Latinoamerica, June 2014

Apart from, all mentioned angles, what mostly attracts me is the color of logo and the background. I have an especial affair with details. My life is formed out of these tiny colors, shapes and fonts.
 This month I was not impressed by the June cover of Vogue Latino America . Because with Five month of distance they repeated the sky baby blue shade on background and the March font color for logo. I have to confess that I was freaking shocked by the January cover combination! A bronzed model in white on a sheer baby blue surface. For me, it was a strong tune of spring which was calling me after cold wintry days. I was like, Oh I have to get it right now, I said in front of news stand.
Vogue Latinoamerica, January 2014

Vogue Latinoamerica, March 2014

But June, summer birthday started by a purple pink VOGUE at the the same blue. Oh God, it was one the most disappointing moments in my day. I was so angry; Any way I couldn't wait more to get home, sit and jump into the pages. But what can please me when "the cover, the moment icon of a magazine couldn't has made me excited" ! In other hand, I go thorugh all content because I love fashion and I am a huge fan of Vogue, but what if a person without any interest in vogue would lilke to buy a fashion magazine!  It is the time
Please, when you are designing, when you are in front of thousands of color to choose from your illustrating software, attention to passion and burning desires of your readers which may be suppressed by a wrong selection. There are definitely more choices to have for the most crucial ambassador of fashion around the world (vogue). What is necessary to remember every single minutes of cover designing is that, The cover speaks about the whole magazine team before a reader opens and follows the package of a hard working month. The covers sing before the reader even decide to look at them.
 It may be believed that, The same topics and a general methods lead a Fashion & Beauty Magazine! So, It doesn't matter how hard you work. At the end, everything going to be boring and repeated! No surprise to have failed repetition on covers and illustration. Against this belief I have to add a point that the fashion is what use to reduce the boring moments in our lives, beauty is an attempt for being able to see wonderful sides of our daily aspects; The creative spirit of fashion doesn't allow that to happen. Accordingly, if this point of view is tried to be kept and developed, you won't experience those tedious moments in Vogue any more. 

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