Blogging Work Station Tips

blogging work station tips by Tobelikealady.blogspot.com
My Current Blogging Station

As a blogger, photograph addict, YouTube followers and so many more, having a neat organized work station is crucial. My around mess can drive me crazy, for this reason I try to keep everything in place and have a clear list of my needs to have in my environment. Computer and a mini size speaker are the next electronic essentials like the Oxygen to me.
Candle is the winner number one I carry with myself at the desk. A relaxing scent. You don't need necessarily an expensive type of candles, just a cheap nice one works as good as the others.
Stick notes are big parts of my memory assistance and two notebooks are to accomplish my plans. The black pocket one, I bought in Tehran last Summer. At the work desk, in my bag when I am out a day out because you never know when and where the ideas come, so having the supplies to record them is a smart approach.
blogging work station tips by Tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Stones and Candle

The big notebook is actually to plan the blog updating, and the stuffs related to.
These two stones are from Kavak Cave, Canaima national park. they mean so much to me. memories of a wonderful travel.
Furthermore, Flowers are my all the time favorite creature in the whole world. They are the source of peace and life to me. The peace part is what everyone needs in the work place. Everyone has the moments of anxiety and exhaustion. I love my blogging career, but sometimes the editing software doesn't answer your imagination, the crushing devices and etc...  You know it is enough to have a double heart beats! You know what I am talking about.
blogging work station tips by Tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Peace and Life

Clean the dust every day and choose a window side area to enjoy the day light and breathe the fresh air. Those two, help with better brain function and boost the creativity. At least, that is how I assume and may works for you.
I don't own the best chair, but planning to change that. You know that siting in a place for hours is so hard to deal, and it gets worse as your seat is uncomfortable; Take it seriously. Because how your neck and back feel is the same way you could tolerate the long hours of working.
Blogging work station tips by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
My Current Chair

I always believe in this "if we are spreading the beauty we have to follow the rules first". So have a sunscreen by your eyes to not forget protecting your skin from the monitor side effects. Don't forget the water. You are working not killing yourself!

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