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Body Cream! Okay, Right. Body cream! I need it. I use the body lotions or cream after the shower. Different brands, HighEnds to Drugstore. From the Cheap new ones to the famous expensive pots. But the NIVEA is not my favorite brand. I have never been a big fan of its body care, skin care and especially the lip balms! I hate the lip balms by NIVEA or heavy greasy hand creams!
Have your ever seen this huge amount of hate? I have experienced that because I hardly was happy with the products.
Nivea Happy time body cream review by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Hydra IQ
I am still in the same mood, and have no future plan to try others; Anyhow, I want to talk about a luck which came to me few month ago by NIVEA or perhaps, a luck went to the NIVEA's fate . A day that was tired to search for and was out of a lotion I bought this bottle. In that moment I had no idea how much I would be satisfied with my skin! This body cream absorbs as fast as light speed and gives you a smooth body which is painfully out of my vision. A light orange scent while you are massaging your body with the white liquid!

The Product is named Body lotion Happy time, with Hydra IQ , Orange Scent and I now can express my happiness and say it is the first time entire my life that I love Nivea; The best part is when you assume that it does what it claims. As it is mentioned the product's description on the website:

 Looking for a Pleasantly scented body lotion?
Enjoy NIVEA® Happy Time Body Lotion!
  • The delicate Orange scent inspires your senses for a long-lasting, feel-good sensation
  • The non-greasy formula with Bamboo extracts and Milk Proteins, reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier
Our NIVEA® Quality promise: Dermatologist tested. Ingredients carefully selected according to strict quality standards. This body lotion contains no added colorants
NIVEA’s exclusive Hydra IQ technology supports skin’s own hydration network to unleash non-stop moisture that lasts 24h+

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