Bronze Glow talk by ToBeLikeaLady

bronze Glow VS review by Tobelikealady.Blogspot.com

bronze Glow VS review by Tobelikealady.Blogspot.com

If you are at the door, ready to go to the party or a fancy date night with your partner, and suddenly, remember your legs are way more paled than what you have imagined! Don't panic please just capture this feeling and the next time when your hanging around your local mall, enter the Victoria Secret Store and see the bronzer lotions, cream and etc. one of those which is really easy to use, smells nice and beautiful but not over powerful, have a tiny bit of shimmer in it; Also, doesn't need to wait hours to reach the color is this beauty by VS; Secret Charm Honeysuckle and Jasmine. In case you have no idea about these two flowers, they are these below ones The only disappointing one is that this product is discontinued:

Jasmin Flower

Honeysuckle flower

The smell is floral but warm and sexy. Relaxing and what you need exactly to be felt as you are are sitting beside your VIP. The combination of these two scents is a wonderful result which takes you to the wonderland.
bronze Glow VS review by Tobelikealady.Blogspot.com

 I always apply that with bare hands because the other interesting point about this magic lotion is that you wouldn't own orange, brown shimmery palms at last!
It is called Bronze Glow Body Lotion. I have tried so many Glow or sun kissed labeled products but at the end they turned my skin into too much color and shimmer; in an unnatural color. But the positive side of this product is its sheer effect on skin.

bronze Glow VS review by Tobelikealady.Blogspot.com

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