Bye Bye HighEnds

Drugstore mascaras by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
The applicators

I was wondering if affordable mascaras can give me extension, volume and a deep black shade! I usually, don't report my final idea about the cosmetic or skincare products, because I believe that you need to examine them in different condition to realize material's sophistication and quality.
After a long time playing around these lash soldiers I am ready to tell you, just save your money for other items and purchase your essential, glamorous mascara from drug stores. Because by the half price of one department store mascara you can buy all these.
Drugstore mascaras by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Maybeline New York

Drugstore mascaras by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Express Falsies Washable

In case you need a huge amount of effortless volume and easy washing off just grab the Maybeline Volume Express Falsies. You can check the price in Ulta or Amazan.
But in summer days, long days, a party which I need to keep everything in place I prefer the waterproof version of the same mascara. I can't tell you how I am in love with this guy.

Drugstore mascaras by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Four of them

Another obsession is Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume, it is washable, and even without eyeliner it makes you  huge eye with super black color, It is about $10 in Amazon, and the my search in boots for you ended in another version of Dramatic Volume that has a small difference in packaging. I'd had the Boots version many years ago, maybe when I was eighteen.
Drugstore mascaras by tobelikealady.blogspot.com

The last suggestion of mine, is baby and obviously in dark color as you know, because I never apply another color on my lashes. What makes this baby special and different from two other washable ones, is the natural finish of it. a bit of volume but in a natural beautiful way and it doesn't drop down at all.

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