Clarins Eye contour gel

I close my eyes and try to remember if something especial has happened to me last night, nightmare? nothing. I slept about eight hours, I always have my sun glasses even in cloudy days. Just one comes into my head! Genetic. Because mom and three sisters' of mine have the dark circles around the eyes. I worked hard, and tried a bunch of different eye creams for anti-aging and dark circles.
Few weeks ago, when I wake up in one of bad eye area days, decided to discover a new remedy. The Clarins Stand was the first option to me. A taxi and the shop. I bought the Clarins eye cream, with a gel consistency, which helps with dark circles.

I banned myself to judge and report my final opinion about it in first three weeks; Now, I can say that I love it. My eye area is not completely healed but It is less than before. I assumed that by the final result of my daily makeup. I usually had to used layers and layers of foundation, concealer, powderand highlighters to make sure the black devils are disappeared. Nevertheless, after constantly using Clarins eye cream at nights and some days in the mornings too, just a layer of foundation and several points is enough to cover the under eye darkness.

I linked the direct page to buy that, if you are interested in. I also found it on Sephora, which is six dollars more expensive than the price that is mentioned on Clarins official website.

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