Comfy to Sexy

Have you ever stuck in a situation with the less possible time to transform your look? From a comfy relaxed evening with your girl friends to a date night with your partner? I have some ideas which may become your best fellow to handle the mentioned condition. What you want is getting a really sexy look, after adding and changing few touches. So here we go.

The permanent piece is the gorgeous blouse in a baby blue with more green tone. The Pants are by Esprit, a pleated front style (Back to 1970-1980) and Shoes by Adidas in black velvet. The makeup is simply a coral lipstick by Missha and hair is messy pony tail. Now see the following pictures how I have changed the whole concept of the look by some simple inexpensive pieces.

Red Lipstick on, Hair on shoulders and wearing the tight flat front midi pants

This is final look. I hope this post inspire you for your next style.

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