Sally Hansen in Lashes

The eye lid's skin is the most sensitive and thinnest skin, I am scared to death how it hurts. When I was in high school we were banned to wear makeup for.( Ridiculous)!!! My first attempt to add a bit of glamour to my dead like face was eyelash curler! And never can forget how I pinched my lid...ohhh Gosh!
That bloody painful experience was enough to avoid using eyelash curler for years. 
In other hand, my sister's mother-in-law had told me that she is lash less in age seventy because she used to use eyelash curler every single day in her young age. So, what horrific image about the result of this metal handy beauty tool!

Sally Hansen eyelash curler by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Bold Eyes by curling the lashes

I wrapped any contemplation about it since last week that I grabbed and shot this nice beautiful silver eyelash curler by Sally Hansen in my shopping basket. My eye makeup basics have changed by that. I helps to have more open lashes and a little bit longer. I think it can be a proper answer to your fake lashes longing. I am enjoying its effect. 
Sally Hansen eyelash curler by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Shoot the lashes

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