Skincare Basics

The title seems to be unimportant, basic, not advanced... The reality is a distinct concept. The concept of stepping stones to own a healthy skin. When we e say basic, it doesn't mean that we are not speaking about the crucial steps, it means the necessary phases you have to obey all the time. Item which must be accomplish necessarily for any age, any life style, financial status and all kind of climates. You can hopefully and definitely read this article and adapt it to your skin type and budget . Generally, any type of skin needs these basic parts of skincare in its routine. I am reminding you: "Face wash, Moisturizer, sun screen and eye cream". 

About the face wash, let me clear something at the beginning. Please, forget the myth which the face wash is only for oily skins or polluted days! There are so many choices for all skin types. Combination, dry, oily, normal... So you need to wash your face every single morning after getting up and every night before going to bed. I have played with so many different brands, first of all because I am addict to examine all of them, see the quality and assume the differences between them. But if you are not a beauty Blogger, Vlogger or junkie, just find your favorite one and enjoy that. these are what have used in a period of time, and they are absolutely perfect with a low price, for those who are on budget. yo can see the post here.

basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com
A part of trusted face washes 

Moisturizer, I have heard a million times that the oily skins doesn't need a moisturizer, moisturizers are produced for aiding the dry skins only, and blah, blah, blah... It is a bloody fake myth! Forget those shit. Look at your skin with a scientific point of view. you have only one face, one skin for rest of your life, so don't miss the skincare opportunities by non-scientific speeches. Oily skins are not hydrated skins, dry skins means less oil producing on the surface and combination means dry patches on the oily skin or vice versa.  
The amount of hydration is one the determinant scales to keep your skin tighter, younger and brighter. The first aid in order to prevent the wrinkles is to hydrate your skin. Because more moisture helps with producing more collagen underneath. And you know the rest of the story about the collagen. If no, I will write about it later. you can see two of them: the La Roche-Posay review which is inexpensive with a nice perfect quality, and the CLARINS review.
basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com
Clarins Moisturizer for oily skins

Sunscreen, In my opinion is the marvelous invention in skincare. It is easy to access for any budget and it fulfill multiple purposes in one period. Its daily defense function from sun and free radicals which can destroy skin's layers and is  mainly effective in anti-ageing prevention presents you a friendly support. These are from a complete post about my sunscreen favorites (face, eye and body) which still are in my Favorite list. The brands are Avene, Dermeden Paris and La Roche-Posay.

basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com

Eye cream is other part of basic care, because the first signs of aging will appear around your eyes. The skin on that area is the thinnest skin, so sensitive and truly need aids more than the other parts. If you have puffy eyes, or like me dark circles, so no doubt to use an eye cream. In case, you are n't suffering from non of these, it is a smart idea that "Prevention is the Key". You haven't necessarily to use the most expensive one in the market, it is really important to use the eye cream on your budget CONSTANTLY. The eye cream reviews which may can help you find out the summarized information to choose out of thousands brands out there, are in order: the Loccitane review and you can find its website here, the Biotherm review and the official site of this brand is here, and CLARINS review at last. But as you see my blog address is the old one on some of the photos, I have recently customized it as www.tobelikealady.com so don't confuse.

basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com
Loccitane, balm ultra rich butter cream

basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com
Biotherma sin vivo yeux anti-aging eye cream

basic skincare by www.tobelikealady.com
CLARINS gel countor

If you are always on the go, a busy mom or a tired student, at least keeping up with these basics, please.

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