Top Summer Nail Polishes

                                                   This is my nail polish tree for the Summer

Nail Polish Tree

Right Said Red 570

By Sally Hansen

By Missha, No Number

After too many times of using the same colors I found that I am surrounded by unconsciously picks everyday. And if you are a beauty lovers, a girl who is crazy about the nail polishes, about the colorful nails, you probably know, it means you finally have discovered your massive lovely options for the season. In case you are looking for a variable collection, keep reading the post.
 Right Said Red, No 570 by Sally Hansen, complete salon manicure, 14.7 ml. Red is one of those general colors that you carry that all year long!

Since the beginning of the spring I was chasing a mint blue or baby blue color. this shade reminds me Blair and I feel young by polishing my nails in this color. You must be so careful with this one, because the formula is just sucks, and you need to take yourself one hour rest to let it dry. Apart from, all these nasty matters by the product I love the color. In addition, as I couldn't have found this color from any other brands, I have to cope with it.

White like Flowers, Sun shine and white nail polishes are like summer, summer and summer. It is by Missha again, without a name or number. Again with the all mentioned problems with formula, but at least it is a white color, and my favorite one.

I have talked about this brand before here, the Marylin. It is a Venezuelan brand. I was shocked by the quality as you see on my post. this color has a nice creamy consistency. it dries quickly and lasts long.

Lucid Nail Polish by Missha, The style, Number 46. It is a peach coral color. In contrast with the other Missha ones, this one is from a more expensive line, thta is why the quality is much better and I love it.
By Missha

Again, MarylinNumber 19.

Sally Hansen, Hard as nails extreme wear nail color. In color Fuchsia Power, No. 320.

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