Two Must have in Your Bag

As a Lady with sexy hair, a full day out, metro, taxi, shopping, offices, lunch... You probably have experienced the messy hair around your neck which is painful! Have you ever imagine a comfortable shoes at the end of a long day? Or a big glass of water when you are terribly thirsty?
Having some hair bands is the same synonym, in the same horrible situation for your mental status. Believe me, it is an efficient mental relief .
Must have in ur bag by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
My current favorite hair Band
Antibacterial gel, is the latest thing I could have accepted in my bag. The sticky feeling is the next gross concern for my sick mind! I need water, and more amount of water means peaceful life. But what if I need ice cream in my life right in the middle of the mall. As, my hands are the dirtiest part of the world! my sick mind, can see the bacteria that is jumping around my fingers and It is continued... Oh! No matter if you suggest me the wipe, a dry tissue or... Or sanitizer in a gel consistency! Thus, can you imagine how a small amount of a sanitizer can be a life savior and prevent me to go crazy?

two must have in ur bag by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Hand Sanitizer

two must have in ur bag by tobelikealady.blogspot.com
Antibacterial Spray
The Spray form of these gels are more hygienic in my opinion, and way easier to use. It is a tiny tool which comes handy in hard times! I find it in Farmatodo drugstore. Have a nice day with your Santizer and Hair band!

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