What make a Youtube video a Loser

I follow a long list of people on Youtube. I can say that I watch the videos more the reading the blogs. It is fun, full of great information, to know new people and it's honestly helped me to find new dimensions in my life. During this journey I have learnt so much about videos, making them, the qualities which can be the failure or success reasons of a channel. Let's get started:

Long introductions:
Youtube is a source of entertainment and information for everyone. They are in a competitive situations with TV shows. So If you start to talk for few minutes before starting what you want to share; It could a be horrible red alarm for your channel. In this busy lifestyle, no one like to spent fine minutes to listen the preface! It is only five minutes, but for a person who has searched on Youtube and randomly has opened your link it acts as a replant!

Visual is visual. I am right at the desk or lying on my bed; ready to see the new video. I am n't a radio listener at the moment, so be careful to present the best quality to your waiting enthusiastic viewer.

More talking than visual effects:
If you are talking about a product or a place, a piece of clothes or a book, add some photos or related videos. As I said the concept of watching is totally different from reading the blog texts or, listening to a podcast. Therefore, keep in mind to satisfy the subscribers. This point will assist you that a  new comer turns into a  potential future subscribers. Those who would like to share your work with their friend on social medias. They may give a thumbs up to the video and increase the popularity.

What make me to continue watching a Youtuber is beautiful creative environment. If you don't pay attention to the scene design, background element who would you expect the people stay on your page! it doesn't matter how precious is your content. I have lots of text book, a huge amount of websites, classes or teachers that can offer me the data in a boring way. So to me it is enough! I am on Youtube to find inspiring, organized creative people.

Not looking at the camera:
This one can make crazy, this close to the madness that I leave the channel and shut the video even it is presenting the most interesting topic. I have seen some of these Youtubers, that against the huge numbers of subscribers they have, they never try to raise their presenting skills. If you compare the first video and the last video they have the same gesture and unfortunately the worst one! Looking around constantly while talking!

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