I Heart Cleansing

Skin is the most complicated member of my body, I believe. Its function is a complex of unpredictable elements which can destroy whole your look in few hours. (No good experiences)!
The liver, heart and kidney have clear hard tasks to do, but my skin has unclear funny game with thousands circumstances. Hormonal changes, emotional situations, new dishes...I can sit here and write more and more forever! All are effective reasons for a type of oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. However, I have seen the most improvement not by my expensive serums and treatments, just by investing on and following the basic steps.  Cleanse! I adore this skin savior tool! Find your trusty perfect ones! Deep and correct cleansing skill is what you need at the first place if you are hunting a glowing and blemish less surface. Do it properly twice a day.

Most popular comment and question:
A. My skin gets dry after cleansing twice a day!
Answer: You have chose the wrong type. check out the information on the bottle which is mentioned such a one of these: Oily and combination skin, oily skin, normal, normal to dry skin, sensitive skin.

 B. Do I need cleanse my skin even the at home days?
Answer: Yes, definitely. Dust, sweating, cooking and etc. after all take a cotton pad by your .... and rub it on the face, look at it! the white color of cotton pad will change into a not pleasurable effects.

My daily cleanse process:
This first step is in the case of having makeup on:
1. Physiological cleansing milk by La Roche-Posay with thermal spring water, for Sensitive skin (Makeup remover)

2. Softening exfoliating cream, sensitive skin from  Aqua thermal line. yeah it is an exfoliating cream with blue sands in it. but it is incredibly gentle as a normal cleansing foam and effective to purify the pores. It does a huge part of this process.

3. Clinique clarifying lotion step 2, from the 3-step clarifying skin care system for dry and combination skins

4. Vichy Thermal spa water (PARABAN free, rich in rare minerals, sensitive skin)

The combination of products I use may seem weird but these are what work for me and keep in mind that it doesn't mean the same product works for you equally. So search and find your goodies, but the steps are the same for any type of skin in CLENASING process.

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