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Liebster Award nomination www.tobelikealady.com
I am honored to be nominated for Liebster Award! Lately, I couldn't up this post for so many personal reason. I honestly thought that my blog is not as good as being an award winner, but the love and support in the blogging environment is more than what I can resist.  I have received the nomination from Me, Myself and I . Thank you so much for considering my blog and thanks again for being patient with me to do this post. As other blogging Awards we are supposed to announce the eleven bloggers who are chosen by us to expand this chain. In addition answering the questions:

Questions I am going to answer are:
Green or Red apple?
do you prefer showering in the morning or at night?
at Night
what is your favorite food?
Less fat in,  with so much spice and curry
what is your go-to lipstick?
if you won 1 mil, what is the first thing you would do?
establish my own business and by my mom a ten days Paris tour
where are you from?
I am from Iran
what is your favorite type of drink?
water and hot tea
what is your blog all about?
it is all about how to be like a lady; all aspects which are involved in.
do you have any sibling?
yeah, two brother, three sisters
In 10 year, where do you see yourself?
My own brand and mom
Top 3 favorite movie?
Movies are so important to me, especially those I love most. So it is so hard to me say only three. Hard question. I can't answer that indeed.

The questions:

Do you prefer casual outfit or Fancy one?
Coffee or tea?
Why did you start your blog?
What is your future plan for your blog?
Your three inspirational icons? Bloggers? Doctors? Parents? say three people?
Samsung or iphone?
Your all time favorite music track?
what is the main part of your makeup to work on?
three favorite makeup brands?
Three clothing brands?
your favorite place for shopping?

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