My Teeth Routine

We talk about beauty, skin, lips, lipstick, eyes, acne but barely hear something about oral hygiene, teeth, wash mouth, etc. It happens for several reasons. Teeth routine is not as fancy as other beauty steps. It is more a chore than a pleasure. Nevertheless, we all know how embarrassing is to show the yellow teeth. we all know how it could effect your expensive Fall lipstick. Teeth are honestly a remarkable pole on the face. Look at my phases and let me know your routine on comment section or if you have any posts related send me the link.

My teeth routine by www.tobelikealady.com

My First step as you can guess by the photo on the top is To Floss. It is not a fun activity. I don't enjoy that, but the feeling afterward makes me relax. If I go to bed without flossing my teeth I feel there are something extra between my teeth. It may seem just a mental status but after several floss you will notice the difference. The first damage will appears by the foods which remain between them. So you need to look at Floss the main essential step of your dental health.

My teeth routine by www.tobelikealady.com

Washing off all those tiny pieces and give the mouth a sanitized environment means Mouth Wash. I use this one which has the whitening effects as well because I am a massive tea drinker.

My teeth routine by www.tobelikealady.com

Final Step, is brushing them for one minutes properly, not in rash. Don't cheat on yourself. You are who have to pay a load of money to fix the teeth.

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