What is your Cellulite Serum?

Nivea goodbye cellulite serum by www.tobelikealady.com

I used to think that I would be always on shape. Not belly fat and no cellulite would come to my body. But as the age goes up everything in your body going to change. Genetic reasons, less activities, lifestyle and illness are main reasons to have those two things on your legs, around your belly and become depressed. I am really sorry about what I did to my body and the cellulite has appeared! I try to fix the things, more less fitness exercises, drinking so much water, choosing the healthy meals in the menu have been my attempts to get rid of.  Recently, I did some major research on the helpful solutions which can speed the fat burning process in addition resolve the issues on surface of the body. I found out about the laser therapy and a bunch of lotions and oils.

Nivea goodbye cellulite serum by www.tobelikealady.com

The first and the most economic lotion in the market is by NIVEA. I apply this yellow serum on my chest, legs and belly. In this phase it is impossible to report the result. However it claims to get rid of all cellulite in 10 days. I will make you updated as soon as I see any difference. It is called Nivea Serum GoodBye Cellulite Q10. which as is said, it claims: Firming the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite in ten days. you can find it on the boots here.

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