Dream scent for Cold days

I have never been into the Cold and Hot days perfumes. What smells nice to me would probably work for me. Beside, discovering new scent is my fun. My duty to be done. My necessity to be able to continue my life. It is not weird at all to me and my husband. We both have the same illness and never going through the medical tests or any solution. The solution is feeding the taste, the need.

This brand, This beauty, This luxurious piece of a whole year of my life is Standhal. The bottle is 125 ML or 4.2 Fl.OZ! Yeah, it is a massive amount of perfume. It is hardly found in the market an EAU DE PERFUME with 125 ML amount.

Another crucial point about this perfume, is that It is Pour Homme! I never wear the manly perfume. In my opinion it is ridiculous to give up millions of feminine sexy relaxing scent and choose the harsh man like instead. However, this one is one of those I believe is unisex. It is deeply sexy, soft, beautiful and mentally increases the inside joy and hope. It makes me warm! I am ready to run after wearing this perfume. The simple sophisticated packaging is satisfying enough to keep the empty bottle for days and days; What I usually hate to do! I couldn't find any link of the same perfume thus I think it would be discontinued.

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