How to cover Blue and Purple under eyes?

Dark circle. Dark area around the eyes. An important meeting or event. Even by the Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation I can see them and effect whole my makeup. Obviously, I have tried so many of the high lighters and concealers. But this concealer is not like any other one. Thick, Bendable! It is LANCOME Efacernes Longue Tenue. It also says on the bottle: Long Lasting, Softening Concealer and contains sun protection factor 12; Not bad for a concealer. I tried that several days to see if lasts a long time; It does perfectly. No more attempt I need. I am completely confident about my under eye area by this product. It is a nice proper primer for lids to make them ready for eye shadows as well.

Tips for Purple and Blue under eye:
Listen, the most important tip to cover the blue and purple under eye circles, is to apply a creamy concealer with the orange undertone!  Because in the colors range, these are opposite colors and can cover each other. It works properly and beautiful. In this case, I chose almost the dark beige because has more orange pigments in it; If makes sense. Mine is in number 03!

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