POND'S Clatant B3 Cleansing Foam by www.tobelikealady.com

It is not a new story and no surprise that I heart cleansing! and I appreciate the well performance of any material which cleanse dirt and pores! But if you want to know how I do feel after purchasing a disappointing product you need to read this post.

A day that any other drugstore cleanser was not available at the Market here in Caracas (Which is totally normal) I had no choice! So I picked the POND'S! In way back to home I was convincing myself that it would be a normal cleanser. Nothing bad! Calm Down! It doesn't irritate your skin. There are a huge advertisement about this brand every where. Despite all of my positive imaginations I had gone totally wrong. It was not what I need. I can literally say that it doesn't do any thing and leaves your skin as dry as a collar of a gentleman's shirt! My skin has some super oily areas, even those regions couldn't stay safe! I can describe it as a body soap which has been melted and then packed into a girly pink package. Unfortunately, I couldn't find this product on the POND'S website.

Second Sad Story, is all about a trusted brand "VICHY" that went wrong. Or maybe in my case didn't work. Because it is supposed to be so gentle! And again the same issue. It doesn't cleanse the surface properly. The texture is like a silk foam, so lovely. It smells as a spa salon. However not my type to be a my boy. I have to mention that I've had very good experiences with VICHY as you can see on several posts, The body sunscreen I have it here in my Late summer Beach essential, Another recent post about my daily cleansing routine and eye makeup remover .

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