Helena Gil

I really like to write an intro for the interview but it is truly detailed. Her brand is called Perinola! The boutique is actually a very beautiful cozy house with an amazing garden. She says:  My name is Helena Gil, I was born the 24th February 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied in the Merici Academy, afterwards I went to Paris for 6 months to study French Civilization, and I came back to Caracas to study Liberal Arts in La Universidad Metropolitana. During my education I participated in the Model United Nations, in the college newspaper as a writer, and in other extracurricular activities. I have more questions and she is going to answer them:

What made you to start the Perinolahg boutique?
 I always say that my mother had to do a lot with my creativity. I started designing my cloth when I was 15, and continued doing that till I was 19 when I met one of the woman who works with me currently making the cloth. When I met her, I realized I can convert my hobby into a career.  So I started to create my own brand called Perinola. Perinola, refers to a traditional game. Our philosophy is to be authentic, play with your clothes, express yourself and be free.

Interview with Perinolahg Brand by www.tobelikealady.com

 Who does choose the patterns?
 I do all the selecting stuff, and designing.  I have another friend who helps me with the sales, and another one who works exclusively with the sales in the other stores.

Tell us about the producing process?
 I work with a group of seamstresses who sew at their homes or at their own workshops.

Interview with Perinolahg Brand by www.tobelikealady.com

 What kind of equipment do you need?
I buy the Tie Dye Fabrics that we create our own and unique patterns. The artist who makes it for us is a specialist in Batik and Tie Dye technique with almost 40 years of experience. For all the process we need swing machines, irons, cutting tables, needles, etc.

Why do you think it is necessary to start your business in this age?
Right now we are dealing with one of the biggest crisis in Venezuela. Every day it gets more difficult to import, so anything which is made in Venezuela is more profitable. The challenge is to keep going, in such difficult country, where everything you want to accomplish is harder than anywhere else.

Which brand, you are inspired by?
 I’m inspired by EPK, a Venezuelan chain store has kids clothing line. They produce a “high” quality, nice designed products with an affordable price.

Your favorite brands? Besides Perinola, underground, unknown brands. For example, I have this vintage, lace, nude dress I bought in a flea market, which I love.

 Who is the most inspiring designer to you? CarolinaHerrera, because she knows how to keep her own and personal touch but she updates and renew her brand constantly.

 Where do you see the Venezuelan Fashion industry in the future? It is difficult to say that right now, most of our talents immigrate to other countries, seeking for better opportunities and quality of life. But if we present our performance in the international fashion industry we will accomplish a lot. For instance, CarolinaHerrera, Ángel Sanchez. So I wish, in the future, we could have the talented designers here in Venezuela developing  their own land.

What are your future plans to expand your brand?
My future plans for Perinola is to have a representation in all states of the Venezuela and continue expanding the brand throughout the other countries. Right now we sell in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Miami and Venezuela.

Interview with Perinolahg Brand by www.tobelikealady.com

What do you do in a daily routine?
 I do everything, the secret is to stay focused and organized. I design, I monitor the production, make sure it’s on time and well done, the PerinolaLovers come to the boutique, we call our clients,  doing the accounting and financial controls. I organize fashion the events, I do all the marketing and the publicity of the brand...

Which pieces are your favorites from the current collection? The Vestido de Pompones, because is multifaceted, and highlights the best part of your body, and the Tie Dye robe, because it is unique fresh, Boho and super original.
Interview with Perinolahg Brand by www.tobelikealady.com
The Dress is named "Vestido de Pompones"
You can follow her latest collection on INSTAGRAM as: Perinolahg
Interview, Photography, Styling, Makeup and Hair by www.tobelikealady.com
Model: Shantal Kleiner (On Instagram: Shantalina)

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