4 Ways To Save Money on Beauty Expenses

Some components of the beauty world refers to the glamorous sphere and just business developing ideas; but some parts are essential and main women's needs. We all have a massive list of products are waiting in the stores to be bought by our bills. However, sometimes it seems pretty difficult to survive the constant temptations which are surrounding us. I want to share with you some of my strategies that are winners and they have let me so many times to own those goodies I dream about.

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Manicure and Pedicure:
It feels amazing to sit down on the comfortable cool full leather cool chair with candle lights and get pedicure! It is incredible to get a clean perfect manicure! But What? the amount of money you pay each time can be the more than double and even more than the price of the whole amount of materials are used to give you that fancy Mani and Pedi. Therefore, It is a long time that I Do It by mYself! At the beginning it was annoying to polish the right hand nails with left hand. Therefore, by finding couple of tutorials on Youtube I learned how to do that. Buy yourself a nice light weight oil to massage and mani set. You can find all of them for a inexpensive price every where.Instead of paying once buy some nail polishes from high end brands with better quality.

Manicure by www.tobelikealady.com

For pedicure I use a set of electronic nail drill. that is the most random electronic device I have but it does a very clean and perfect job. If you are afraid about the those hot water sinks, Do you pedi after a hot bath or a deep shower.

Wash your hair at home: 
I have no idea about other countries but here in Venezuela they charge you for every drop of shampoo, conditioner, heat protection, hair spray they use to blow dry your hair. You may think who goes to salon for blow drying? The answer is clear: I do. because I have long hair, So much strong hair. It is not just long. It is a pile of hair! It is by my genetic which is so cool and I am very grateful for but I have to be careful about the expenses it causes. I buy nice shampoo, friendly conditioners, lovely oils, loyal heat protection and etc... and do these parts at home. I apply the oil and heat protection before heading to the salon and I take my hair spray with myself. The salon manager is not happy with what I do, but I need to watch out my expenses as she does!

It is almost a year that I don't wax my body, but when I used to, I would do it by myself! Believe or not! I did it by myself. So many girls say that it is so painful, horrible, impossible to manage! But I tried and achieved the skill I needed.


CLARINS MASK review by www.tobelikealady.com

I have learnt this one by my mom. She always says invest on your face masks and skincare! It is a big idea. It is again the same business strategy. Instead of paying a a lot to a facialist to Cleanse, Steam, Scrub, Mask, more Mask, Hydrate and applying a tiny amount of those expensive Anti-Aging Cream on top, please D I Y!

 Pay once. It might sound spending a lot of money. The reality is that the masks, exfoliating products, a saucepan of hot water and nice beneficial herbs; are not those kind of things you use them every single day. They last for ages. So you always have your own kit at home.

Note: I am not telling you that I never get Mani and pedi Or Facial, but it is honestly like twice a year  or even less. I have been there; Those days you need a relaxation operation and it turns into several hours in the Salon. Be Careful!

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