Four Acne Solution Products

Everyone has specific needs in skincare universe. And it may take a long time to find your skincare components. If you have read my skincare posts you know that I am in trouble with hormonal acne and attempt to minimizing the pores. I have had oily skin and after the under-active thyroid things, my skin's got dry patches in addition. Dry patches made everything more difficult to take care of. These are my acne prevention and solution products:

1. CLINIQUE Rinse off foaming cleanser mouse hydro-demaquillante 150 ml
First thing first, is removing all dirt, oils and make up with this foam. Only a tiny amount of that is enough for whole face and neck. If the oil which happens on your T zone or you tend to wear heavy foundation, contouring,.. it can be one of the best cleansers out there.

2. CLINIQUE clarifying lotion 2; Dry combination skin 400ml
The biggest positive point I give to this product is the giant bottle that naturally contains a remarkable amount of product in it. It is three months now that I have this and use it in my skincare routine. Yes, It has been lasted three months.
After cleaning your face with a cotton pad and this amazing liquid, just look at your cotton pad; You will see the unbelievable dirt and pollution! I feel so clean and blessed!

3. CLINIQUE anti-blemishes solutions clinical clearing gel, gel action 15ml
The most rapid working gel and formula I have tried! The magic for removing my acne in two up to three nights and mornings and Done! It is supposed to apply on the acne only but i rub that all over my face and neck. Because every inch of that is acne prone area. It is my Absolute LOVE.

4.CLINIQUE pore refining solution stay-matte hydrator Dry combination to oily skin 50 ml.
When it says pore refining solution, it works honestly! It does the job. It make the T zone Matte immediately and you really feel the minimizing the pores. I use it for T zone only. Sometimes I feel dry afterward so I add a richer cream on top.

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