Hot or Not? Two Liquid Eyeliner failures

First of all, Excuse me for the pictures. the containers seem so gross! Because it's been a while I was testing these  two products to figure out the pros and cons! And as I am an eyeliner addict so I reach these every day.

The best thing about this eyeliner is, it gives you the chance to line the exact shape you need. No fail! In contrast, the quality of applicator was not what I had expected from M.A.C and the amount of money I paid. Let me clear that; The nib is a cotton pointed material which softens and gets separated easily. It dries quickly as well. I used to paint the shape I wanted and the would make it bold and black by the below mentioned one.

A real rich black and I have painted various winged shaped lines with, means I could take the advantages of that against the down side of it; After a while the liquid material tends to firm. Not into a solid but more firmed than a liquid! That's so annoying and weird. 

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