Inspiring bloggers No. 03 #Fleur De Force

Another Post of Inspiring Bloggers is here. Today I am going to tell you why Fleur De Force is one of my Inspiring Bloggers, Vloggers and Youtube Guru. You can read the Previous ones Here and Here.
Inspiring Fleur De Force Blogger Vlogger by www.tobelikealady.com
Fleur De Force
I have seen all her videos since a year and half ago. Writing fairly isn't easy when you have learnt a lot from a person. Everyone, has her/ his own special style whether in makeup or fashion. I got attracted to the Youtube world so late, but Fleur De Force has been one of those channel I subscribed in the first place. You may say that most of her makeup tutorials are the same and her hair style never changes, blah, blah, blah... But you know what? She has found her style and she is comfortable with that. She has her own version of smoky eyes makeup, her especial definition of casual and glamorous looks and also home decoration.

Inspiring Fleur De Force Blogger Vlogger by www.tobelikealady.com
Fleur De Force


Have you ever experienced the positive feeling about somebody? Furthermore, I am not a person who believes in the functional side of positive and negative energies in a practical way, I must say that the POSITIVE effect of her presentation and lovely lifestyle make you to follow her. I am not talking about being crazy fan of a guru; However, honestly, this also is another reason of her increasing subscribers's number


The Original way of doing things will create a sophisticated footprint every where. That is what she and her husband (who somehow is a part of her career and videos) act. The products she talks about are real ones. It is not like when Kim Kardashian advertises an Energy drink or processed food and you are sure she never tries that. That is not like when a beautiful model or actress is the face of a drugstore beauty brand, but definitely she never wears those cheap lipsticks or mascaras on! Fleur wear what she talks about. It is another secret of her fame.

In other hand, people trust whom is real! Not Fake. And Vlogging helps with the more understanding about the reality of Her. Vlogging is actually a reality show on Youtube without six different cameras, crew and contract. That is what the The Person offers to her/his viewers for free. Let's Start by The things I am interested in on her Vlogs:

Inspiring Fleur De Force Blogger Vlogger by www.tobelikealady.com
Fleur De Force and Piglet 
A. The relationship: How they get along with each other. I mean Fleur and Mike.

B. Dogs: I am a pet lover. It is a point in common with so many others as well. So you see, the common lovely usual points are very powerful.

C. The progressive life: She shares the announcements, the meetings, her business, remodeling the house, raising the pets, making videos, making friends... .

D. Her Country Life: Being away from the city and living out of the craziness is not easy to dare. Everyone says: Oh, I love to stay in the country forever, at the end of a picnic or camping. But seriously  only a few people dare to do that. Why? Because most of us are addicted to the traffic, malls, crowded streets, easy access to taxi and subway... But They Live in the Country side! And it is super cool.
Inspiring Fleur De Force Blogger Vlogger by www.tobelikealady.com
Mike De Force, Wedding Day

Inspiring Fleur De Force Blogger Vlogger by www.tobelikealady.com
Fleur and Mike de Force

If I want to continue I can write about her over and over and you may get tired! So check out her Channel and blog and give her love and support.

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