Inspiring bloggers No. 4 #Tanya Burr

Inspiring bloggers 4 #Tanya Burr vy www.tobelikealady.com

Limited Space and Practical skills, are the initial requirements to start a Youtube channel or a blog. But not all the bloggers are inspiring and successful. As you might already know by the title of the post, I am going to tell why I found Tanya Burr an Inspiring blogger.

Why Tanya Burr is inspiring and Young girls love her?

After watching hundreds of her videos and checking out her blog during a long time, I must confess some major points:

she is on budget!
It may sound funny. But believe me one of those reasons she is a famous lovely face and I can say for many girls she is seriously a role model is the way she does shopping. She purchases her night events dresses, PJ and chic coats from TopShop, Zara and this range of brands; economic prices! which so many girls from the middle class (Financial) of society will buy their clothes from. I mean, specifically, in "shopping related" stuff, Tanya is an easy to follow model. She shows that for going to a Fashion show, or Red carpet night you don't need a designer dress to wear. It doesn't matter if you don't own a VALENTINO skirt or a CHANEL blazer. You would be able to shine with your own version of glamorous.

Inspiring bloggers 4 #Tanya Burr vy www.tobelikealady.com

Not having a standard shape!
She has a healthy lifestyle. No smoking, no drugs, regular workout, food planning! Before, all these, I must say that she doesn't have a stereo type of body which is awarded over and over on medias. Like million girls, she doesn't have skinny legs, slim arms and very very flat abs! But she is beloved and followed by over than 2 million and half subscribers on Youtube.  She dresses up beautifully without thinking about imperfections. This simple formula, transfers a very crucial message to those girls out there: "I can be famous, successful and loved without the defined rules". A very best and the most simple formula ever!

Inspiring bloggers 4 #Tanya Burr vy www.tobelikealady.com

Perfect Communication with her Fans!
She is always smiling and extremely welcoming! She answers and favorites so many of her fans' tweets. She follows the comments on her Youtube Channel. In various videos especially her Vlogs, she shows that she is reading the tweets and expresses her feeling about them.

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