Kim Kardashian's photo shoots on Paper Magazine

 Yesterday I woke up with millions of news on the whole atmosphere of social medias and TV shows related to the Her Naked Butt! This is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog, so I couldn't resist not expressing my opinion about Kim Kardashian new photo shoots for Paper Magazine. First thing first, let me clear few things:

1. I am not a feminist; so my thoughts re not a feminist ideology based.
2. I am not a judgmental person.
3. I am not a hater.

The first picture I saw was the most famous one, oily naked exaggerated photo. She wanted to cover that, but Not really. She has a piece of fabric or probably her dress under her butt. She is happy and smiling, looking at the camera with a tons of pearls around her neck. At the beginning, I literally  thought it is a comic photo, which is made by someone on the internet to increase the traffic on her/his page. After following the text I assumed that it is real! I made sure when I saw the photo on her Instagram.

I have never felt ashamed or angry with women naked bodies. It is totally natural. I have never blamed the naked or half naked editorials on magazines! But, But. But...Please, Someone tell me what has been the main goal and message behind the idea of these photo shoots?

Wendy on her show on 11.12.14 said: If a well-know and famous actress had done that, we would have clapped and admired her, we would have seen that as an artistic work, but as it is done by Kim, it seems nasty.

According the above said, I would like to bring up a question: Isn't there any more artistic feature in this world? To claim breaking the internet with?

All the ideas of fitness, beautiful female body shapes, sexy looking and etc... have done completely and Kim has no way except showing off her butt? and today more and more whole nude front? I mean are all fashion directors, art directors, fashion photographers done with their ideas and nothing is left in the box? The only one which can be artistic and seductive is a bronzed highly retouched back?

I am not convinced by non of the defenses others made, I don't see these photos, artistic or attractive.

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