Oil Therapy for Hair

Hair care means ultimate beauty that can raise the features to the next level, AFTER skin care. But it is something in the same level to me. Inappropriate hair style is the boldest thing I can see when a lady walks. It is one of the crucial terms to be like a lady. And why not?

oil therapy for hair by www.tobelikealady.com

Oils are not new to me in hair care section, but not as regular as these days! We must confess that the past few years have been the best lucky years for the oil products. Everyone looks at them way different than ten years ago. I really like to expand its position in our daily lives in every angles but it is better to get started by the HAIR.

photo from the past :)

Organ oil is my favorite one, the first reason is way it smells. I know it is an unprofessional criteria but that is so important to me. My favorite one has been  BaBylis Pro Argan Oil which I ran out of it right now and they don't have it in stuck. It seems hard to find it online either, but this is the amazon link to buy. And now it is spray which has less density. I use them after shower and on the damp hair. These are the links on ULTA and Ebay in case you are looking for.

oil therapy for hair by www.tobelikealady.com

The most interesting accomplishment I've had with this oils, is using it before washing hair as a mask and leave that for twenty minutes. Obviously I can't fulfill this stage for all hair washing sessions but if I have thirty minutes to spare, I will probably do that.  It is Kerastase ElixirKultimate oil complex. It doesn't smell as rich as the first one but it is a very very nice one. and the result is a silky feeling on you hair texture afterward.

The second day, when I am struggling with myself to keep come and not washing my hair, this small bottle is a miracle. As it says on the packaging, it repairs the splits and frizzes instantly. It adds shines and make the it more soft and joyful. How quick it works is incredible. It is L'OREAL PARIS ELVIVE 5 Total Reparation serum, I couldn't find the exact link :( .

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