What I Use Most In My Beauty Post's Photos

This guide line is actually the second recommendation post, you can look the first one here. What you are going to read on the current post is more intense than the first one.

The first thing you notice by starting the beauty posts is how to capture the best photo of the products you want to talk about. In other hand the visual satisfaction is the a very crucial element to keep your viewers attracted and gaining your milestones with increasing numbers of subscribers and followers. The objects that get involve most in my pictures:

1. Photo Magazines as background.
It might seem so simple but you can create very nice photos out of them. Search on the magazines and keep watching for a related theme, opposite colors, sexy legs, pieces which come funny in combination etc. I'll show you some of the magazine pages I have used and the outcome have been beyond. This photo is from my May Fav 2014  .

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Review

This one from here.

Must have in your bag by www.tobelikealady.com

For more photos in this range click here .

Fun Jewelry by www.tobelikealady.com

2. Nature:
Flowers are a safe lovely choice to be in your background. Everyone loves to see colorful, well organized flowers; Photos from different angles.

Estee Lauder Eye shadow Palette by www.tobelikealady.com
Estee Lauder Eye shadow palette 

If you have a small garden or a plant around your apartment it is perfect. Rock that! Having the you plant's leaves in the side of your photo, laying doen your beauty products on the grass, present a natural friendly atmosphere to your pictures; These are from this post


3. Dishes!
I swear it is not that awkward which sounds! I bought few plates, cups... in a second hand store! I have used them in many ways and in several photos. I love the antique touches on the photos.
Check that here

5. Your open window!
I love the reality shows more than the directed, scripted shows. Why? Because the joy of wild unplanned situations is incredible. Therefore, open you window grab the products and let your viewers get involve into your neighborhood. That's fresh, real and vivid. More Photos of this post.

6. Shells
I hardly know anyone who hates the sea! Everyone smiles by looking at the actual fantastic sea shells. I collected these travel to travel! I mentioned the source above.

7. Car Marquette
These are my husband's loves. Seek the corners, you will find the cute similar stuff.
Would like to see more? Click here  .

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