Dark Nail Colors For Winter

A raspberry nail color  with dark red undertone. In the photo it seems lighter than what it really is. No shimmer in it. This nail polish is perfection for the time it lasts and the color is the ultimate classic range for winter that never gets out of fashion. And why not showing of your hands' skin beauty with a darker color?
Sally Hansen is my absolute favorite brand in drugstore because of its quality. As I said, there is no shimmer in it but it is shinny and lovely even without the top coat. This color is very similar to the next nail color I am going to tell you about. They are freaking similar. It was very hard to distinguish them; I was totally confused which photo is which of them.

2. Marylin Vitamin A -E and Calcium No. 54
This brand seems strange and it really is. It is a brand from Venezuela with a cheap  price tag and medium level of quality. The color is dark raspberry color with extremely dark violet shine.  

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