Manicure knowledge # No Chipped Nails

Top coats means your manicure savors, nail protectors from chipping and destroying your beloved home manicure or luxury salon operation. There are so many department stores brand with holy nail color formulas which you don't need to be nervous about the color care! But you are not always the one who can pay those prices! Thus, choose a nice top coat to preserve your nail polish!

Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat nail polish protection,  No Chip! Smart title on the bottle. It attracted me in a second and the second seconds I was there with my cash to pay and take it home. I did and tried that! Predicted job was done by Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat.

Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat Nail polish protection,  I do celebrate more shines, they make your hands more beautiful. This product adds a nice radiance on the surface of your nails in the same time.

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