Manicure knowledge #underneath

Everything starts from depth. Your home! Your body and your Nail Health either.
The choices are endless to pick one lucky product and pay the money. What makes your purchase pleasing is the benefits it gives you. I got the wisdom of choosing a proper base coat by experience not following the colorful advertisements. There are a long list of reasons that you should apply a base coat underneath your nail color.

 1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hardener Soin Durcissant : Having nail colors continuously all around the year is strange but almost all girls I know do that. So we need to assist the nail organ to stay strong and not to break. Nothing is worse than a broken nail. In addition the down side of it in your whole manicure, it rips  your expensive dress too!

 3. Sally Hansen Thicken Up, strengthening Nail thickener, action fortifiante : A cause of constantly nail breaking is lack of enough thickness. I have used this base coat thousand times and it does help most of the times.

2. Sally Hansen Triple Strong nail Fortifier : A rich creamy formula as a base coat will add more strength to your manicure; It also prevents your nails to turn the actual color into nasty yellowish, that I am sue all of us know how annoying it is. On the back of the products has said to apply two coats but I do only one.

4. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment  If you are working hard to grow your nails quicker, plus your vitamins and rich in zinc and biotin diet; have this tiny bottle as well. You can read my post about the beauty vitamins here .

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