Steps to a Party

Planning is the basement of any ceremony, party, reunion etc. About two weeks ago I celebrate my first blog's birthday with a few of my friends in my apartment. It was a small reunion but celebration like! I could handle that with a limited budget and hands!

Make Your Guest List:
I made a guest list of course. I decided to have those who I feel relaxed with in friendship! This criteria is crucial to me for having a party at home! Because It decreases the Hosting Pressure Level.

Send The Invitation:
 I decided to take advantage of Facebook Event! I send the invitation to those who are in my friend list and I wanted to invited. Those who were not in my Facebook friend list were noticed by Email, text message and phone call for final confirmation.

Foodies & Goodies:
After the last list of Coming Guests, I knew how much foodies and goodies I need. I mean the Glasses, Plates, Sweets, cup cakes, snacks...

Music and Entertainment:
Prepare a playlist. Remember what type of atmosphere you want in your party. If you like to have a dance session so go with R&B, Hip& Hop or those other which encourage people to move. In case you are planning a relaxed, chilled bar type of reunion so soft music would be your fellow.

Put Yourself Together:
 Make up, dress and a pair of high heels

Side Note: "If you are wondering why there is a pile of cosmetic products there, I have to tell you my blog is you see is beauty fashion related; So i demonstrate my make up skills on one of my guests and explained the essential info about each part."

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